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Abused children

The problem our group encountered is children are being abused. After being given a small budget of $2500 for such a big project, we began to debate on what the best solution would be. As an art association, we came to the conclusion that we need to create an environment that would help children escape the toxic environment in their household and leave them hopeful instead. First, we discussed an after-school program, that would allow students to open up, while also do fun activities such as painting. However, the children are still under the age of 18 and will need to receive permission from their parents, who aren’t going to allow them to attend. After debating some more, a final decision was reached. The students must attend a class during school once a week where they can express themselves and find peace away from home. In addition, that class will bring awareness to the abuse. If kids open up to teachers, the abuse will be reported to higher authority.
Abuse is becoming a noticeable problem within in the community. Hopefully, schools will willingly work with us since we're providing the funds. However, to create a better program, additional fundraising will take place. By raising awareness on social media platforms through volunteers and supporters, our goal is to raise another $1000. In addition, there will be a large play at the end of the year that will hopefully help bring in a mass of funds for the upcoming year, parents will be invited. Students will receive transportation through district school buses to arrive at the event. To encourage other high school students to volunteer, they will receive hours for NHS. After the event, all funds will go to the program.