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The Ecology of Democracy, Chapter 6 - Your point of view - 2

Hello Everyone,

Our classroom discussions have centered on a chapter you were assigned from The Ecology of Democracy.

This is a gentle reminder that your posts and responses are due by Monday, November 27th by midnight. Keep in mind, you are to write a well thought-out, meaningful reflection paper about your group project  and respond to two of your classmates papers, for a minimum total of three posts.

Remember, we are interested in your original thoughts and ideas! This assignment is designed to get you to think critically and engage in a civil discussion with your classmates about the democratic process of problem solving as it relates to you in the classroom and in the community.

Please do not wait until the last minute; post early and often. Each post will be graded based on the quality of the content. Your post should cover some aspect of the chapter you are reading including the problem, process, program and projected outcome. Please use this link to enter the website

You will make your posts in the classroom conversations area; under the thread The Ecology of Democracy Your point of View-2. You can also receive up to 20 points extra credit by answering the thread question: How do you understand the role of citizens or the citizenry in a democracy?  If you have not registered, you will need to do so. Feel free to catch me in class or shoot me an email if you have any questions.



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I agree that if this website is created and advertised properly it will be huge success specially with social media and how fast words spread. But what I liked the most is the fact that your group included a chatroom for the domestic violence victims because I think it is very nessecary for them to understand that they are not alone in their struggles and that situations do get better. I hope this project turns into a reality. Best of luck!

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Joys Kapali UNV 100.24 Lets Go Arts! 11/25/18 Problem As a theater group, we were given the problem of racism being prevalent in the community because people are having a difficult time accepting people of cultural difference. This is especially a huge problem because of how racially diverse Flint is. Program We plan on getting our funds from a community based cultural potluck where people from different cultures can bring in their traditional food and creations and have a great time mingling with everyone. Adults will be charged $10 for entrance and children can come for free. We want the children of the community to have a heavy presence in the potluck because they should have positive and fun exposure to people from different backgrounds. We will also get about $5000 from our Mayor which we will give away later during our main event. During the potluck, we will announce a talent show that will take place two months later and the winner of the talent show will $600 or $2000 at the end of the night. They can enter in the talent show by emailing the social media manager that week about one incident when they felt like they were being discriminated against because of their race or ethnicity in this community and one example of when they felt accepted or welcomed in this community. We will then chose five of them that stand out and give them the chance to perform their stories on stage. They could make a play, a musical, a song, a spoken word piece, or even a stand-up comedy about it. They will each get $600 for being chosen and the best one of the night will be decided by the audience through a vote and will win $2000. We will also choose ten other stories from the submission and read them to our audience before, after and in between our talents. We believe that if we give the people a platform to voice their stories, both positive and negative, regarding their experiences in the community, everyone will have a chance a to understand a different viewpoints and life experiences of another. It will also showcase the fact that a small act of kindness can go a long way when someone is facing discrimination. We plan on holding these events every year depending on the outcomes of this one. Process First of all, we will have to find an open amphitheater and rent it out for the potluck. We will then go to the local businesses and tell about the programs we are hosting and if they want to contribute anything for free advertisements. It is cheaper then rent out billboards or ads on television for the businesses. And this might also give us small goodies that we can give away during our potluck or help us set up stations for all the food. We will make and post flyers and use social media and word of mouth around the community. Then we will use Facebook to estimate how many stalls we need and the number of attendees and add on about 50 more people as a good buffer amount since extra people might show up. We would get as many volunteers from the community as possible by going to the colleges and asking professors to give their students extra-credit for volunteering. We will make a list of our volunteers and give them instructions to decorate and set up the area for the potluck. The police department will be informed of the project and be asked to be there for protection but in civilian clothes for less tension. We will have a start time for the event and have the team of organizers and volunteers show up early to make all the security measures are discussed with the police team. Some volunteers will have the duty to check for weapons because it is a weapon free event and a lot children are here. There are going to some volunteers who will make sure everyone who pays $10 fee gets a stamp on the hand. The rest will help everyone bringing in food and get the event started. During the event we will announce the talent show we are holding. We will then go more in depth about how they can enter in the talent show by emailing the social media manager that week about one incident when they felt like they were being discriminated against because of their race or ethnicity in this community and one example of when they felt accepted or welcomed in this community. We will choose five of them that stand out and give them the chance to perform their stories on stage. They could make a play, a musical, a song, a spoken word piece, or even a stand-up comedy about it. They will each get $600 for being chosen and the best one of the night will be decided by the audience through a vote and will win $2000. We will also choose ten other stories from the submission and read them to our audience before, after and in between our talents. Then we will have the volunteers clean up the area and help the people as the leave. The we will make a report of how the initial fundraising go. Check how many people actually showed up and use that difference to estimate the next attendance outcome. Calculate how much money we made in the fundraising potluck. Look for another venue that could easily be accessed by everyone in the community and be in our budget.Then we will rent out a space for talent show which would be a place like the Capitol Theatre and try to negotiate a deal because it is free advertisement. Talk to the owner of the venue and rent in out for the night. Then we will post on our social media and put out flyers again. Select from the (hopefully) many emails, five people who stand out with their stories. Have five more back ups. Make sure these people come from different race and cultures so that the audience gets to experience and have exposure to different form of discrimination we all face and how sometimes even the smallest act of kindness can leave a big impact on someone’s life. Let these selected people know that they are chosen and have a month to come up with a performance, rehearse it, show it to the volunteers and team members for feedback, and then finally perform. Then choose ten stories we want to tell the audience about. Again have a mass email sent out to the rest of the attendees from the last event about the upcoming show and the free popcorn and pops that we will provide. We will have have a RSVP section for it and close in a week. Then we can count the outcome. Then we will call up our volunteers who will again clean up. We will hand out popcorn and drinks out as the walk in. We’ll have law enforcement in there in regular clothing for protection again. Projected outcome We hope that our projected outcomes are that the community has a better understanding of the diverse and beautiful people they live alongside with and have a growing experience with them. We also hope that the children will get to have exposures to people from different cultures and be much more accepting than their previous generations. The goal is also to have this program to keep going every year and hear the progress it will make.

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The problem my group received as a dance group was blight in the community. This included the broken down and abandoned buildings in the city as well as the citizens having no pride for the place they lived in.


As a dance team we decided to put on a dance show in order to raise initial money to get materials to fix one building. We wanted to get the word out by using flyers that were put in popular local spots and the local schools, social media and possibly the news in order to get people to attend. Since we are a dance group, we would ask our dancers to volunteer to perform and get high school students to volunteer to hand out tickets, seat the attendants and collect donations. We also hoped to create a video of the entire program to send in to shows like Ellen in order to get more publicity and more funding. 


In order to put on the dance show, we need to make sure enough of our dancers are willing to perform so that there is a long enough show for people to attend. We would then need to find a location to hold the show. A theatre like the Whiting is a first choice, but we could also have it at a local high school. For both of these locations we would check to see how much they would charge, or if they would at all, to factor into our original budget. Once the location is booked and there are enough people to perform, we would start to advertise. Flyers would have to be bought and hung up throughout the city and at schools and posts would be made on social media sites. The flyers at the high school would advertise for Honor Society members to get service hours if they wanted to help with the show and all the other flyers would include the reason behind the show and all the details of the event. 

At the show we will charge a small entrance fee of $10, but will also allow for donations to be collected to produce more income. The money from the entrance fees and donations along with anything left over from our original budget would be the new budget we use to buy materials to fix one of the buildings. This includes any hardware materials along with hiring a professional carpenter to ensure the remodeling of the building is done properly. We will start off just fixing one building which we will turn into a dance studio. At the dance studio we will offer $10 classes for everyone in the community to attend to keep building the funds to remodel more buildings. 

Projected Outcome:

By remodeling one building, we hope to not only fix up abandoned buildings but also start to build a sense of pride for the members of the community. Our goal is to give the citizens a place to feel safe, have fun and learn new things while contributing to the remodeling of their city. We want to eventually be able to fix many buildings that can be used as other artistic centers to help the blight and negative stigmatism around the city. This would all solve to the original problem at hand and get the members of the community involved in revitalizing their home. 

Personal Experience:

From my experience, the group project went well when there were individual groups of 5 people. Coming up with ideas in the small groups seemed to run a lot smoother and for my group ideas flowed easily and there were no arguments or disagreements. I think I contributed a good amount and I do think my group did its best to mix everyone’s ideas into the project. I think it was very important to do this exercise because there are people in the world that actually do projects and programs like this and it’s good to see that such outcomes are achievable. On the other hand, I did not have such a positive experience when we came together as a whole group. I think there could have been better ways to discuss topics like the name without creating such a big problem. I think some people’s ideas could have been treated with more respect even if other members didn’t agree with them. Overall, the project was a good way for everyone in the class to become more aware and think about solutions to problems a lot of different people and cities face.  



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I agree with the personal experience part. I was hoping there would be more open mindness to solutions. You would think with more brains would bring a more variety of ideas. However, it brought along more tiny problems as well that distracted us from the overall goal in my opinion. 

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I agree, we had some issues that we couldn't agree on. Especially, the name of our program.

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Problem: Our group was presented with a rapid racism problem within a community.


Process: For our potluck,we’ll need volunteers. We’ll reach out to local colleges and universities. Offering extra credit by teaming up with professors will help make this happen. We’ll also have to make sure everyone comes in with no weapons. We’ll have to charge a low amount but still something we can profit off of. We’ll need lots of young people. They are open minded and the future to help this race tension slow down. We’ll have to use money from the potluck and the governor to pull off the show but we will also ask for help to anyone who is offering and seems like they will help. To get an accurate number for the show we’ll use social media to see how many people are interested in coming. We’ll use that number to get a good sized building to put on our show. We will also have an RSVP. We want our story to positively affect everyone and reach many so news coverage might be a good idea as well.


Program: We will need to have a fundraiser for our initial performance piece. Our idea was a potluck. Food and the learning plus understanding of different cultures bring people together more. All in all, this will not immediately solve the racism problem, but getting around each other and finding our similarities rather than our differences will be a start. We will try to work with the professors and local colleges and universities to have students help with extra credit incentives. Also, we could ask them for help with funding. Once everyone has settled in and set up their food and cultural “booths” we could let them know we are a musical theatre group and we are trying to help the community out with its tension. We’ll announce that we are putting on a show dealing with people’s racial struggles within the community. There will be a money and or scholarship incentive. Our requests for them if they wish to be a part of the show is to send in an essay explaining one time they were discriminated against and one time they felt one with their community. After the judges carefully examine which stories are the most touching, there will be a select few chosen who can get on our stage to tell their story so it can touch others. They can express themselves any artistic way they choose. There will also be a reward given to each who participates and a grand prize for the winner.


Projected Outcome: We want this community to have empathy and start realizing the wrong doings going on. We want them to see each other as equal people even though we are unique in our own ways. We hope the community will start doing more things together and form a brotherly bond. This will take time but surely the more you hang around others from different cultures and listen to them, you start to see how alike we are. This causes the hate from ignorance to fade.

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This is so inspiring, Racism is a horrible thing and it needs to be stopped. using the young generation is definitely the best choice to solve this problem.

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The problem my group (group 5) was assigned was abandoned houses. At first we wanted to turn the houses into homeless shelters or halfway houses but then we realized our budget wouldn’t even allow us to flip one of the abonded houses. Our budget started out at 5,000 dollars and then was cut to 2,500 dollars. We decided that making community gardens out of these abandoned houses was the best idea. The process we decided to take was 1. Find volunteers. We would get most of our volunteers from other groups in exchange of allowing them to use a few of the abandoned houses for their group assigned problem, but we also want a variety and quite a few of volunteers so we would open it up to high school and college students and anyone in the community that would want to help our cause 2. Sponsors. We would ask places like Home Depot, Bordines, construction companies, etc to sponsor us and in exchange we would give out t-shirts to the volunteers (for $10) that featured all of the sponsors on it. 3. Fundraisers. We would hold car washes, game days, etc to raise extra money to put toward supplies. 4. Using 2,500 dollars from Mayor to buy the rest of the supplies that haven’t been donated or bought by fundraising. Supplies needed include seeds, tools, gardening tools, fertilizer, hoses, etc. 5. Tear down abandoned houses. We would allow volunteers to help us with this. We would also consider getting a burn permit from the court to make the process easier. 6. Get rid of trash and debri. For this we would need a big dumpster 7. Put a fence up. This would be to protect the garden at night time and other times when volunteers can’t be there to watch it 8. Fertilize 9. Plant seeds 10. Water daily. Projection would be through advertising. We also would use group #2 for this. Putting up flyers, youtube channel, pairing up with schools, and setting up community events at the gardens. Our program is called ArtScaping. This is a nonprofit program that gives back to the community by turning abandoned houses into community gardens. Everyone involved in the process benefits in some way. The volunteers are able to help change a community for the better and gain community service hours. The members of the community don’t have to look at abandoned houses everywhere they go and in return can look at something beautiful. It allows community members to have access to fresh, healthy produce. Community members are also allowed to pick vegetables and flowers from the garden for free, but of course there will be a limit on how much. Members outside of the community can also pick flowers and vegetables from the garden with only a small price based off of what they want to take. Chapter 6 in Ecology of Democracy relates to this group project because it talks about how people are involved and why they get involved. It talks about how involvement in the community would positively benefit us as a democracy and how more people need to be involved. Our project is opening opportunities for more people to get involved in a community by simply tending to a garden, watering a garden, and creating these gardens. I personally think that community gardens in the place of abandoned houses is a great idea. I believe it will raise morale and make the community brighter. By this I mean instead of looking at torn down and abused abandoned houses people can look at beautiful gardens instead. I also feel like these community gardens would help decrease crime within the areas they are located. This is because they are drawing attention and people into a certain location and by drawing attention to this location it is going to decrease crime because there will be a greater chance of getting caught.

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I like the idea of turning the abandond houses into shelters that would help other people out.

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  • Christina Ebarb
  • UNV 100
  • Let's Go Arts: 12:30 pm-1:45 pm

Problem- Racism, Homelessness, Abandon Buildings, Battered Women/Men, and Abused Children

The problem in Flint is that are a lot of racism, homeless people on the streets that has not a lot of places to go, men and women getting beat up in their marriages -or relationships-, and many children getting abused and no one knows about it. My group was given 2.5 k including the surrounding groups, so we all decided to become a big group. Together we brought our money to make 12.5 k. Now, we had to figure out what to do from there.

Program- Annual Talent Show

“Envision Flint” is the program that we decided to make and funded, and our slogan is “we are here”. We decided to make a big talent show in the Capitol Theater. We decided to have our judges to be professors from university of Michigan- Flint and Mott Community College, considering they know the arts better than we do. Hosting and cooking will be Chief Gordon Ramsey, and he will give us directions on how to prep and cook meals when get things going. This program will help us get people more involve with the community and the people themselves.

Process- Renovating the Buildings

Once, we have the Capitol Theater, we are going to have additions, which will have a five dollar fee to enter, for the weekend. We will choose ten best acts and five backups, and who will ever win first will earn money. The acts will have diverse cultures in them to aware the difference and similarities between people in the community. Also, it will address the issue of racism and give people even more aware of it than schools do. There will be food and drinks for people that attend, and tickets will cost up to five-seven dollars depending on the individual age; however, children under three will be free. We give out flyers, spread out the word on social media, and most likely the newscasters on WE 5 do this free because it’s for a good cause. We will have volunteers to help with the talent show, and we have security as well. The talent show will be held on a Saturday night. Hopefully, the funding will cover most of this, and Ramsey will help us.

After the talent show, we will have enough money to renovate a building, put classes in, and put in a free clinic. We will have Mott culinary arts class to help everyone how to cook, have financial classes to help adults and teens to manage their money, have therapy sessions for post-traumatic disorder women, men, and children that shows symptoms, for the elderly we have someone test them for dementia and prescribe them medicine, the clinic is open for everyone in Flint, and art classes will be held to for relieving stress-art supplies will be included. This will be held for few years until we have money for the other buildings. Chief Ramsey will help with the culinary classes and have his friends help us get the word out with the program. The other building will have similar things as the first building. There will be classes for the smaller children, but it will be like a day care of sorts.

Project Outcome- Reduce the Racism, Homelessness, Abandon Buildings, Battered Women/Men, and Abused Children

The outcome for this is that to decrease the homelessness, get people aware of what is happening in their community, stop the abuse of women, men, and children, and lighten the racism. Although, we don’t suspect that it will be over after the program, but we hoped that over time it will, but most of all we hope that the rich will contribute more for people in small communities like Flint. The program is to get people aware of their situations and not ignore it. Hopefully, the program will get people in the right direction.

How it relates to Ecology of Democracy Chapter 6?

Chapter six talks about what it means to be a citizen and contribute to your community. It also talks about the common things that everyone needs and that’s: food, shelter, and water. The project we just did hits all of that, but most of all communication with other people. Homo sapiens are social animals; we need to have human communication, or some form of communication, so we know that we aren’t alone if we don’t have this then we go mad. These are the basic needs of one person. There are currently 7.53+ billion people in the world that are like this. Being part of community helps you to be a citizen, but most of all it helps you to be a person on Earth.

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Jalon Kirks
November 28, 2018
FYE: Let's Go Arts (UNV100)
Dance Organization/Building Refurbish Group


Problem: In our group the problem we are having is that we are having a blight in our community. There are so many buildings that are abandoned and demolished and no one is taking action about the situation. The government is not helping as he is letting the community deteriorate overtime and it is causing many homeless people suffering without shelter to protect them from the weather.

Program: We have created a program which is a dance organization and we have also decided to put on a production. What we do in our program is host dance classes with the dancers from the organization and we also make fundraiser profits to earn money from donations to redo buildings, and refurbish them and have it turn out to be more valuable for the community to live in. We also do volunteering programs for high schoolers who are interested in becoming involved in the program, we host talent shows, nightclubs and we also do community service program for those who served time in a correctional facility (jail) and are interested to get involved and help out the community.

Process: Our process of doing this program is we must get more volunteers that can join our group. We are issued only $5,000 that we can use to get materials to redo and refurbish the buildings, but as we think way outside the box, we must show a way that the community is not worth letting go of and becoming destroyed. With the programs we've decided to work and create together, we can host those programs and broadcast them on the news like ABC, CBS, PBS, Good Morning America, etc. We also can make commercials to get the community's attention that we are here to support and turn the community into a better place and host dance shows, talent shows, concerts along with high school volunteer work. These can take places in areas here in Flint like The Whiting, where we can do plays and standup comedy on weekend nights, we can bring famous celebrities, movie actors and singers that are close to the community who are interested in performing a show, music or comedy. We can do an art program or talented artists at the Flint Institute of Arts or create art photos related to our program like completed buildings that were redone and refurbished and events hosted by us and earn more money to continue rescuing the abandoned buildings.

Projected outcome: As our projected outcome, we are going to build a sense of pride in the community for people living in the areas of the community for them to be proud of the city that they live in. We could rescue those who were homeless by also becoming owners of rescue mission like one here in Flint: Carriage Town Mission by giving them a 2 month stay for them to revive from suffering. We want to do something nice for the community for the people in the areas to be proud and thankful for as opposed to them watching the buildings become deteriorated and torn down and some suffering while some are planning to evacuate from the city to a better place. 


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This seems like a really good, thought out idea. I think it could work out quite well, especially if you can get celebrities out here.

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Katherine Turvene

November 28th, 2018

FYE: Let’s Go Arts. (UNV 100)

Problem: My group was assigned with the problem of abandoned buildings within the city. These abandoned and demolished buildings are ugly and causing a negative connotation towards the city. This negative connotation makes it harder to build a more connected and informed community.

Program: My group decided dance as the art that would save our problem. Dance is an art form that allows for many emotions, stories, and characters in one performance. A more positive performance could create a more positive performance. Just as easily a more educational performance could help educate members of topics within the community. Dance is visual and easy to understand for the audience. Dance is also a great way to remind athlete and in good health. Dance has various benefits and could be very influential to the community. 

Process: Our dance organization was going to start with a large fundraiser, getting donations and funds from tickets. We would use the $5,000 given to us to help fund and broadcast our fundraiser. We chose to host at a local high school, something central that the community could easily find. We would put a banner over the main street in town, and also flyers in the most popular places in hangout spots throughout town. Ticket prices would be cheap,  we were hoping cheaper prices would appeal more to audiences. With that we would use those funds to start to rebuild our first building. Materials are costly and so could volunteers. Our group decided the best way to find volunteers would be by having openings for high schoolers to get volunteer hours for National Honor Society.  Secondly, would we get approval by local government to have jail inmates to volunteer as community service. It would take a long time to completely rebuild the first building. However, after finishing the first building was completed we would open that to dance lessons and other community groups that would help.

Projected Outcome: As the projected outcome, our goal was simply to create a sense of community. Once one building is rebuilt, the community would slowly lose a negative connotation. Allowing dance lessons and other community groups to meet at the first building would create a sense of pride, it would become a location that was popular and safe for the members. Positivity would start to rise, and I think even more people would want to volunteer for the rebuilding of the second building. Our dance organization may not be able to save every building but we would be able to save a community. 

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I really like the idea of turning an abandoned building into a dance organization. Abandoned buildings in the community can be prove to cause what is called "broken windows theory" and by turning around these buildings can set a positive influence around the community. The question I have though is that are you planning to do this to multiple different buildings? or just one building in particular?

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I like this idea since it unites the community, which could then spark inspiration to start more projects and it helps in more aspects than just simply the problem of abandoned buildings

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  • Taylor Lawrence
  • Let's Go Arts
  • Ecology Of Democracy
  • November 28, 2018

Problem: Abused Children

Our group had to find a way to use art to help abused children. We had to find ways to identify abused children and help them get the care that they needed in order to start their recovery.

Process: Help kids use art to motivate them to express their emotions.

We thought long and hard about how art could help abused children. We first thought of having an after school program that the kids could escape to. We believed that if the children knew they had an alternative space to express themselves, then they would be willing to open up about their abuse. But, we quickly realized that it was a very good chance that the parents wouldn't allow them to attend. So, we then thought of another plan where the children would be able to attend the program during their school hours. This would be a required course for all students so even children thats abuse wasn't "obvious" would be able to have a space where they could open up about their abuse in a safe environment. This course would be incuded into the children's health class so that they would not only learn how to create healthier mental states with the use of art, but they would also be able to identify other mental and physical health ailments. Our process would include having volunteer teachers teach the class. We also plan on using the funding that we got from the govenor to buy art supplies for the students. Before we run out of the funding, we plan on having the children participate in fundraisers. We will also reach out to surrounding art institutions to see if they would be willing to donate their old art supplies for the children.

Program: Art Therapy Program

Our program would have an Art Therapy format. It would incorporate emotional lessons that would have children depict their daily emotions in an artistic way. These lessons would include color matching to emotions, drawings of internal feelings, and free range art assignments. This program would be a year long course, but there would be no mandatory grading system. Attendance would be mandatory so that students could get all of the benefits from the program, but there would be no quizzes, tests, or exams.  Even though the students would have to attend the class everyday, we hope that the children will see the class as a calming way to express themselves and not a mandatory course that they dread attending. 

Projected Outcome: Removing the abused children from abusive situations while also giving them a creative outlet. 

We hope that this program will help the children open up about their situations so that we can let the proper authorities know. But, if we don't have enough evidence of abuse, then we still hope that this program will help the children find a source of peace away from home. Also, even if the children don't want to open up about their abuse, we hope that this program will show the teacher/examiner which students need extra help and attention.  We soon hope to expand this program to all schools so that we can help as many children as we can.


UM6Loewen's picture

I really like the idea of incorporating art therapy into children's classes. I feel that art is an excellent stress and emotion reliever, so I think that this is an excellent idea to help children begin to open up about their situations, as well as improving their mental psyche.

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I love this idea of art therapy, and also making attendance mandatory. Gives children something to look forward too 

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Nia Elbert

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The problem that was presented to my group was the battered men and women of our community. Our job is to find a way to help them with their abuse.


Our program is meant to focus on allowing these men and women to gain control back over their life, and strengthening them mentally, and emotionally. In order to help them we wanted to try following an unconventional method of healing and therapy by utilizing graphic arts. Once we find a venue to hold meetings, along with individual and group therapy sessions we can really begin to build the organization. One way to help us fund this program is by making logos and promote marketing for small and upcoming businesses locally, and nationally. These logos will be created by those battered men and women in the program. This gives them something to be proud of, knowing that they created something themselves that they could be around for a lifetime. It also gives them the confidence and helps boost self-esteem that has been lowered due to the abuse. In addition to this they will also seek help from graduate students studying to earn their degree in either psychology, counseling, or anything else that may be related. This gives adults who suffer from abuse in the community a lifeline to the outside world. A doorway to a fresh start in which they can see all the positive possibilities the world has to offer for them, away from the abuse and turmoil.


One thing that my group felt is most important is getting people in the community involved in this program as well. Similar to that concept discussed in the ecology of democracy people usually feel as if they have an obligation to helping society by contribution. This way anyone who wishes to help can. There are many abandoned buildings in the community, and once we accumulate enough money to buy and renovate we will use it as our main facility. Until then we will rent out local high school or college computer labs, or go to the city’s libraries. For us to gain people who are willing to be a part of the program that suffer from battery we will establish a partnership with social workers, and other employees of human resource agencies. That way if they get reports of men and women who suffer from abuse looking for help, we can inform them about our organization and how it can be beneficial for someone in an abusive relationship. In order for us to recruit we can reach out to local universities for graduate students looking for experience, then once we reach stability we can offer them a summer internship with possible compensation. This process can help ensures our organization’s competence in helping those in need.

Projected Outcome

In the end our goal is to give these battered men and women a productive environment where the arts can be used as an outlet. We want those adults affected by abuse to gain security in a safe efficient environment. Here these men and women will not be seen as helpless victims with no sense of individuality. Instead the community will see them as our coworkers, neighbors, teachers, and peers who endured hardship and are now ready to get control of their life, and live it the way they wish too. The most important thing to remember is that we cannot do this on our own. We have to work together because this is our place that we call home.


Nia Elbert

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I think the idea of creating logos for small businesses is actually brilliant. It could also raise money for those people in order to help get them resources they might need. Overall, it is beneficial to a lot of people, because as a small business, you may not have much money to get a logo, but you could come here to get one done for cheap while helping those in need. 

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Given the problem of abandoned houses. The group I had been involved in had decided to come up with the name artscaping. So being there are so many abanddoned houses around he area we decided it would be best to raise money though fundraisers to be able to tear down the abandoned houses. After doing so the plan was to turn the empty lots into community gardens. It cost alot of money so to do so we planned on grouping eith other groups.

The groups that were dealing with racism, we planned on getting together to put their sculptures into the community gardens ad using them as field trips. Next, we were working with the group that dealt with battered men and women. The plan there was to give houses in exhnage for advertisement. Then, we grouped with the homeless. In which we also gave them houses and food for exhange of volunteers. Last, was the group that worked with battered chldren. The plan was to have field trips to the garden and for trasnportation they would give volunteers.

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  • Wesley Ricketts
  • UNV 100-24



Our community is struggling with housing. Many of our citizens have no adequate place to live, and struggle daily with basic needs like food, water, showers, etc. 


As a Culinary Arts program, we desperately needed to think outside the box in order to solve this problem. Our first step is to use the kickstarter money from our governor to create a small business. We specialize in small baked goods, selling for profits that go directly to the next addition to our facility, where the homeless can live, as well as learn essential culinary skills in order to get them a job.


We start by opening a location in the mall, using one of the center stations for vendors. We sell our baked goods, and send the profits to our headquarters. We also enlist the assistance of Mott Culinary students, and area high school students in need of community service hours. The profits we make will go towards our new facility. We plan on changing an abandoned building into a homeless shelter, where we feed, clothe, and care for the homeless. We hold cooking classes in our community kitchen, to teach essential skills for jobs. We also have 24 hour access to psychological help, and medical attention. Essentially, we will turn our allotted $5,000 into a shelter, approximately a year into the future.

Projected Outcome

We hope to make a positive impact on the lives of or homeless neighbors. At the end of the day, if we improve their quality of life, we have succeeded. Our eventual goal is to hold a fully operational shelter, where people can get back on their feet. 

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I really like the idea of holding a bake sale to raise the money needed for your cause. Hopefully using baking and cooking can be a way to help these people get back on there feet and keep moving foward. I also really like the idea of having a 24 hour access to psychological help and medical attention because who knows what some of these people have been through previously. I think this is a very well thought out plan.

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The problem our group was faced with was battered men and women in the local community and what can we do to help them with there problems.


Our program that our group came up with is a little different and unusual but very creative at the same time. We are going to use the art of graphic design as a healing therapy. Graphic art requires an ammense amount creativity as well passion and imagination. Creating something beautiful will give these battered men and women a sense of pride and accomplishment. Once we find a set meeting place for our program we plan to meet regularly once or twice a week. Our plan is to create logos and signs for small or big business and by doing this we plan to generate money which will go towards our cause.


Once we've generated enough revenue we plan to buy a building where we can hold all of our meetings, supplies, ect. There are many abandon buildings and different properties around the local flint area so finding a place to buy shouldn't be too difficult. In the meantime we will be renting out high school gyms, local libraries, and or local churches so we can hold our meetings with these battered men and women. We want these people to trust us so we are gonna be hiring social workers and counselors for their need. The money we get from the logos and signs will also pay for there social workers and counselors.

Projected Outcome

Our projected outcome is to give battered men and women a new start; something to work and strive for and be proud of there accomplishments. We believe our program is going to be a huge sucess and ultimately hope to establish an organization that provides a place for confronting physical abuse. People who've experienced abuse like this don't like to talk about it or talk about how much it affects them. We plan to use art is a stepping stone to begin there healing process.

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Mr. Bender,

I truly think the idea of using graphic design as a creative therapy for battered men and women is going to work. Art in any form is theraputic. Graphic design is a popular art form and is visible in many areas of many communities. Many peers of mine enjoy graphic design. This class has opened my eyes to different art forms, and even though music will always be my favorite art, I feel your choice of graphic design will be successful and help those who need it the most.

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I am glad you guys are using graphic designs to help battered men and women get a hold of their life once again. Research has proven that art therapy can help with depression as it is a form of self expression and victims usually struggle to express themselves. This program will be a great stepping stone for these victims for their healing to begin.

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Our issue that we were trying to help was the issue of battered men and women in the community. 


We decided to create a YouTube channel and website in order to provide resources for those who have been abused. We planned to make videos such as "What are the signs of abuse?" and "How to help your friends in abusive situations." We also planned to make PSAs where victims could participate by acting or designing. Through the website we would offer advertising and assistance for the other groups and in return, we would get other resources. We would get a few houses in order to house the victims who need refuge, and get access to a community garden, which could provide food and therapy to the victims. 

Projected Outcome

We would hope that by partnering with other groups, we can help solve this issue in a multitude of ways. We could also create a better community by making a community that is engaged in helping each other out. 

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Problem: Our group’s problem involves roughly middle school aged children that show up to their classes with bruises that most likely come from unhealthy households with abusive members.

Program: We developed a relatively simple idea to help out the children. That being an after school arts program. The Program will take place after school once a week, likely between Monday and Thursday, as Fridays are usually a busy day for other programs and clubs. The program also will have an activity scheduled for that day, having it take place nearly right after school and likely be inside of the building, possibly in a classroom for the convenience of not having to relocate the participants. The idea is to give the abused children a place that they can go to so that they may have the opportunity to escape their toxic homes, and also to give them the chance to grow socially, and express themselves in a creative way that they might grow a deep passion for, with the hopes that they can develop hobbies and skills that they can take into real world environments. We also discussed how we can get high school aged adolescents to help out, as many need community service hours for the National Honor Society. The younger kids could develop bonds to the older ones, and look up to them as mentors, almost as if they were filling in the role of an older sibling.

Process: Our original budget was $5,000 from the governor and state, recently being cut to $2,500. That being said, our group did not find too much difficulty getting over this obstacle after we decided on our program. Our program is relatively inexpesive. We took a look at the cost of our resources, and short term, money isn’t a huge issue. We discussed how the most expensive item would be getting fuel for the transport bus that would be used to get all of the children home. The other cost would be inexpensive items for the activities, such as paper, glue, pencils, etc.                                

Projected Outcome: We thought that with enough attention, we could get in contact with local Flint businesses and discuss sponsorships for further funding. We also hope to get the children into not only a better place physically as a way to keep them in a healthy environment, but to also get them into an improved mindset with skills that they can bring into the real world, but also so that they don’t grow to become abusers themselves, and so they can possibly have a healthy family in the long run.

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Our group’s problem to solve was children coming to school with bruises in our community.  



Given the problem that we are faced. Our group decided to create an after-school arts program for young kids in a single school district. Based on the idea that these kids are coming to school with bruises, we concluded that these bruises appeared because they could possibly live in an abusive household. The Arts program would grant the children a positive space to thrive and cope with their situation at the school. And to help with our program, we plan to reach out to volunteers and sponsors from neighboring schools in the district to assist us.



Our group settled with the idea that we mainly focus on a school district for our after-school art program. The reason we decided to focus on a school district is that we want to spread awareness in a central area that is easier to manage at the beginning stages of our program. And when we get enough funding and support, we plan to create more art programs to other districts and other states. We will hand out permission slips to children that want to attend our program to their parent to sign and to reassure them that they are able to come to watch if they so, please. To spread more awareness to the public, and to inform both parents and schools about our art program we decided to set up a social media account on various popular sites, such as Twitter, Instagram, etc. In addition to spreading awareness through social media, we’re also planning to contact other schools, mainly high schools, and middle school that need volunteer hours to fill, through email. Our program is planning to be active once a week, to cut down transportation costs for sending the children home. For each month we plan on sticking to different specific themes to stimulate the children’s creative muscles. For example, dancing, painting, singing, etc. The crafts that the children make can be sold to shelters or local art institute for funding. And later in the future, we can invite professionals’ therapists to help the bruised children to cope with their situation.        


Projected Outcome:

The outcome that we are striving for is to find them an outlet to escape to, to become more expressive, and to meet people that can help support the bruised children from their abusive households. The program helps connects the youth with teens, which can help them become more open and expressive to talk to in the program.