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The Ecology of Democracy, Chapter 6 - Your point of view - 2

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Our classroom discussions have centered on a chapter you were assigned from The Ecology of Democracy.

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Remember, we are interested in your original thoughts and ideas! This assignment is designed to get you to think critically and engage in a civil discussion with your classmates about the democratic process of problem solving as it relates to you in the classroom and in the community.

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I feel that people should get more involved because you have to be aware of what's going on in the world around you and you have to be inform about those who have higher authority in the world. 

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I agree with you. In todays world, many people are disconnected from what is going on in the world around them. The article states that people who may not be involved are even care about politics may not realize that some "issues" that are important to everyday citizens are being left out of the discussion. In conclusion, peopel should become more involved so that they can actually have an impact instead of just sulking.

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I agree with you U14, that many people now in days ignore the issues only noticing anything around them only when it isn't to their liking.  

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You are right. Nowadays, most of the times we don't even know our neighbors. 

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Why don't people make an effort to get to know their neighbors? How is this connected to being informed and involved?

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People choose to not know their neighbors but they also may not get the proper chance.  Even in the free world society that we believe we live in their is always challenges and conflict with cultural, sex, race, occupation, location, issues.  No one person is the same so we are only human we are bound to not like someone or something they believe.  The list could stretch forever as to why we might never meet someone or know who they are.  Maybe it's ourself, maybe we lack self- esteem, or are bipolar, or have schitzophrania.  That would be ourselves holding us back from meeting others.  But our differences will set us apart as well.  It could be as simple as a farmer and a corporate CEO not being friends their worlds may be very similar but in their own minds it is totally different and could be scary of what is unknown.  A big thing that keeps people from knowing someone is the fear of the unknown, people fear certain races based on racism or just what they hear about them.  Their religous or political values may be different and to much of the poplulation these are huge deciding factors if we want to know you or not.  Especially now in our Generation gaps we will see more of people not knowing their neighbors simply because we are being born into a world that grows ever more narsacistic and one minded.  So many things play a factor in knowing who your neighbors are and it will continue to isolate us.   

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I agree 100%. I believe we need to have an open mind when we approach everything

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In ecology of democracy in the first part. They said many of us become involved with other citizens because we are trying to solve a problem. That part which is I don't agree with it at all for my own perspective. Nowadays, I can compare between the comminuty that their citezens know what happening in the next door and other  community which is their citezens cannot know their neighbors' names. This is happening right now back home. The old neighbors in my country take care of each other which is great because if I knew there is someone in my neighborhood cannot afford his or her rent apartment or his home or even the car, I would know that there are so many of his or her situation in the country, that's helped me to know about my community. Otherwise, there are so many people today's don't know their neighbors' names because maybe they don't want to know. There are so many reasons one of them is fear. We hear a lot of stories on TV that lead us to not trust anyone. 

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Some of the reasons why poeple may not get to know their neighbors is being shy and neighbors dont want to get close with one another. I feel citizens dont want to go out of their way to help others. they dont want to get involved with others and thier problems

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People who donot want to know their neighbors may be having privacy issues and he/she doesnot want to welcome anyone in his/her personal life. Neither anyone having enough time to make others involove in his life, nor he cares for who his neighbor is. People are living for themselves selfishly

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well im with in this point but sometims the neighbors really bad, so i think every person has his own reason .

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well im with in this point but sometims the neighbors really bad, so i think every person has his own reason .

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I don't think people make a effort to get to know their neighbors anymore becuase they are distracted with their own lives. People always have things they need to do and they use that as an excuse to not to get tot know their neighbors. This connects with being involved because people are no longer making the effort they need to be. They are no longer invloved with getting to know what's around them, or getting informed to know what is happening next door to them.



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I have to admit, I am guily of this myself! I have had several opporunities to get to know my neighbors but always talked myself out of it saying there will be others times. The few neighbors I do know have been positive influences throuhgout my life. We should take the time to inform ourselves about those who we are sharing a neighborhood with. Solving local issues, especially ones so close to home, is a great place to start if one is interested in solving problems in the community. 

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that's what i noticed when i came here in the united states and that is people make boundaries between them and their neighbors unlike my country which is Saudi Arabia where not knowing your neighbors is impolite. However, i think this is a culture thing and that is how americans live.

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I have been to many countries including Saudi Arabia. I think that our culture's media has expanded so much so that it is hard to trust anyone. If you were to come here 20 years ago when we had no cell phones, internet and so on people here did know there neighbors. Then people were able to hide things that they didnt want anyone to find out about them. Infomation was not nearly as easy to get to then as you can now.

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I totally agree with what you are saying. People are so wrapped up in their own lives that they do not realize what is going on around them or neccessarily care. I believe that it shouldnt be an excuse though, I couldnt amagine living in a world where I didnt know the people around me. I wouldnt want to live so close to complete strangers.

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People often neglect or ignore their neighbors out of fear of debacle, people like keeping to themselves because there isn't anyone to argue or disagree with. Even when people do interact with their neighbors, they fake kindness to avoid any conflict because it's easier. 

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People often tend to keep to themselves when they don't care much about the surrounding area.  If someone shows interest in getting to know their neighbors then it shows that they care and want to know what is going on around them.  When people interact and get to know eachother bonds are formed and that is how a good community is formed that people can be proud of.

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I think that with the technology today, people are so susceptible to distraction. It is so hard to focus and interact when, our generation in particular, grew up with technology. People need to interact with each other because it is the best way to communicate with others. This helps us express likes, dislikes, needs, and wants. If we express this, people around us can help us and we can help them in return. This forms a healthy relationship, which is what good communities should be made of.

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I completely agree that we need to have personal interactions with people. Many people use social media and technology in general for all communication. My friend went to an interview and didn't have any skills because they never had to talk professionally. I believe the communication without technology is the best because it doesn't lead to as many misunderstanding and it build a better relationship with others.

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i think due to technology people has become more shy and more distracted with their own lives

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I agree, people can hide behind their computer and type whatever they want to say and not have to say a word to anyone. It makes it very easy for peope to just hide from the real world and to put their input in through technology. I think it makes their opinion flawed becuase they can not see all aspects of the situation.

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I agree, people can hide behind their computer and type whatever they want to say and not have to say a word to anyone. It makes it very easy for peope to just hide from the real world and to put their input in through technology. I think it makes their opinion flawed becuase they can not see all aspects of the situation.

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i have to say i agree with you when it comes to people hiding behind technology and or social media, people are so afraid to get out of there bubble and explore without feeling like they will be judged ect. 

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The technologu has changed us to the oppeste way, we are becoming more different then we used to be and more shy as you siad 

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People don't make an effort to get to know their neighbors because people are so connected to their friends who are even living across the country people are not actively seeking relatioships with people around them because of easy communication is. This connected to being informed and involved because if you do not know your neighbor than you will not be able to be informed on other people's perspectives around you.


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I feel the same exact way! Neighbors are so important to keep close to you. If you can't become friends with a neighbor, how do you expect to make friends with random people on the street or at work. You see you're neighbor every day. Ally it takes is a simple hi. 

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I strongly agree with you, it is important to build a reationship with your neghbors. They can play such an important role in our community and in our daily lives. Neighbors are the key to maintaining a successful and tranquil neighborhood.


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Exactly if people do not know your neighbors it makes you numb to peoples needs in the community and how what you want interacts with them.