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The Ecology of Democracy, Chapter 6 - Your point of view - 2

Hello Everyone,

Our classroom discussions have centered on a chapter you were assigned from The Ecology of Democracy.

This is a gentle reminder that your posts and responses are due by Monday, November 27th by midnight. Keep in mind, you are to write a well thought-out, meaningful reflection paper about your group project  and respond to two of your classmates papers, for a minimum total of three posts.

Remember, we are interested in your original thoughts and ideas! This assignment is designed to get you to think critically and engage in a civil discussion with your classmates about the democratic process of problem solving as it relates to you in the classroom and in the community.

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I completely agree with you. I think that many citizens in our country fly through life focused on their own goals and not stopping to appreciate what opportunities our country provides. An example of this situation is with voter turn out rates, with many Americans saying they don't have time to vote or that their vote doesn't matter. By informing and educating citizens that their votes do matter (and that they are lucky to have a chance to vote!), it would turn a small gesture of involvement in our country into a huge difference when everyone participates.

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YES!! i agree, i think everyone should be surrounded by educated people.

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I'll agree with you that everyone should be surrounded by educated people.  However for that to happen they will need to look for the answers themselves and draw on their own conclusions. 

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Judgement is a huge deal as talked about in chapter 6 “Ecology of Democracy.” It is necessary to keep in account all the aspects of consideration before judging. Everybody wants to make wise decisions for themselves but the scope of judgement can be different for everybody. What is good for one may not be good for somebody else. It is high time that we become good decision-makers on the individual front and for that we have to start educating ourselves. As the article highlights that most Americans are uneducated when it comes to political matters. Well how long can we work that way? Isn’t every vote counted? Doesn’t it all matter? To make decisions on that you have to be involved and educated about what is going on in the world. Sure things don’t affect anyone individually but it affects the country as a whole. In a fast paced economy like ours it is crucial for us to stay informed, participate and contribute to the world. 

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I totally agree with you and I think it's a time for people to be involed and be a good decision-maker.

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Mradhika, I agree with what you are saying. When people are uneduc ated they really could care less with whats going on. All they are concern about is trying to make a living for themselves which is not a bad thing but you have to understand that your involvement in the world is contributional. Of course one person cannot change the world but with educated millions it will give it a spark. I also understand that eberybody wants to make decisions but its about rationalizing them and trying to come up with the best ones that can make a difference.That is why it is always wise to know what is going all and being intuned.

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I see your point. I strongly feel that people have grown this feeling of judging people around before even considering the situation. Obviously, everyone is self-centered when it comes to decisions about their own well being but we have to step up and think of other people and their betterment as well. Discarding the discrimination system would definitely solve half of the problem. We have to get educated about what is going al around the world. We just can't sit and pretend that individually we cannot solve a problem. Each individual if involves with everyone in his/her society, then we could definitely ome up with a great idea to contribute to the world.

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The article was an interesting read.  The point that everyone should get involved within their community and in politics is a nice idea. However not everyone wants to be involved and many don't care for conflicts when it come to politics. With politics itself and even with the "issues" of today people grind the issues into the ground. Honestly I don't blame people for not wanting to get involved it's their choice.

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I find that we often agree on many things and I belive you have a point. I don't always get involed. and some people want too. however some times their work may prohibit them. But just reading the new and being aware is good. I get my news from my friends.

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I agree with you a lot! I like the way you worded it too. People want to grind issues to a point of being so delicate saying the wrong one syllable word might set someone off. At that point why would someone want to become involved or care about a topic? Then again I do believe that there is room for everyone to care about something on one side or the other. There are plenty of topics that come up when choosing a polotician, everyone should have some sort of intrest in one of those many, many topics.

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I agree if everyone were to get involved in their community and politics, it would be nice because then there would be much more of a say in what happens or what is going to get done but obviously that will never happen. There is no problem with that either and it is a wonderful that we do get a choice if we want to get involved or not. If everyone were to get out and get involved in everything then people would be stretched to the limits and it would be a disaster since many people would not be informed in many subjects such as politics. You would not want someone to go to the polls and blindly vote for someone because they are being forced to. Like I said, it is great that we do get the choice to get involved in what we are interested in and not forced to get involved in things we don't. That is one of the greatest things about this country, is our freedoms. 

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I agree, many people get involved for personal gain rather than seeking nothing in return. Though this may seem selfish, I feel as though this is a naturally human instinctual thing to do. People get involved so they can achieve something whether that just be a simple task or a big goal. With this being said however, like you said, there are people who get involved because they simply want to help others and it’s not for their own personal gain.

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When the article was talking about education; I feel it is important for everyone to try to learn as much as they can and try to help those around them.  

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I agree with you completly, imagine a world that everyone gets some kind of education that can help other people. With all the information that would be out there, there would be more helping and less depending. I didnt use education as an example in my post but very good point. 

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YES!! I agree with you. An educated person has the ability to think clearly and independently,he also has good judgment. these two points can really help our society.

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I completely agree, but at the same time not everyone has the proper resources to get this information, as well as the fact when people do try to learn more at times they may get turned away and complete lose interest in learning more when we all need to be more educated about such things in the world today. The other problem is how we as a society communicate today. Though technology is nice, I think a hands-on approach and communication in person is a key to solving part of this problem.

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I believe that we should be involed however I do believe that not every one has the apptitude to do so. Many will say that they wish to get involved but are they proactive is another question. I find that I hate politics because it causes conflits so I prefer not talk about my views becuase. The article said that people who do not get involved do not do politics. I don't get involved however I plan to vote for the first time this year seeing as I'll be able too. I suppose that is getting involved but every one has there limits

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I do not agree with you
Our disagreements are who makes evolution in this earth


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I agree with you that some people simply do not enjoy politics because of the problems that it has caused in the past. I'm sure this continues to prevent many people from getting involved, but if it's something that is important I think everyone should at least try and make a difference. We may think to ourselves that it's not our place to fix the problems in this world, because it is so corrupt. Although, we can make it bearable by doing what we can as a citizen and a kind and caring human being.

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I agree that many people do not have the aptitude to get involved. Saying you are going to do something and then actually doing it are two completely different things. However, people do have limits and that is perfectly fine as long as you actually do what you are saying you are going to do rather than not doing anything at all. I would also like to point out that I agree with the article stating that people who do not get involved usually do not get involved with politics because politics is huge and either you do get involved or you don't no matter what. There's no in between. I know a lot of people vote just because they are able too and I think that you should not vote just because you can. You could help somebody win or help something pass that you have no idea about and that is not right nor fair to people who are politically informed over what they are voting for. Please be informed if you are to vote and not just because you can. 

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I totally agree people need to get out and help but it does take a special person to reach out and make a difference.

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  I believe that citizens of a community should get involved with their surroundings and their community. What makes a community? To me a community is a group of citizens that live in the same area or have the same goal in mind and depend on each other to make the community a more tightly bound community. What kind of difference can a citizen make if they just stick to themselves and do not get involved? The answer is that they will make no difference, in order for change to happen involvement needs to occur. A lot of people just live their own life and go to work and come home and that is the summed up version of their day. Doing that will not change anything and to me, doing that sounds like a pretty boring life to live. By getting involved with the community or the just the public in general you will help make changes that will help the community which will give the citizens a feeling of pride knowing that something that they did made a change and that change was a change for the best. Involvement is key to a strong tight community and the involvement is done by citizens, most the time you just have to step up and fill the position needed. This world needs more involvement, it seems to me that close communities are becoming a thing of the past which is a sad thing to see.

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Yes, I agree with the points you make and the way you define a community. It is important for people within a community to get engaged, because there is power in numbers. I believe change needs to start starts locally. Everyone should care about the wellbeing of the community in which they live, because it effects them directly. In addition to the personal incentive to make a difference in one's own community, I agree pride plays a very important factor in a successful community. Without pride in one's community things begin to crumble. Pride is established when citizens become positively involved in their community because it creates a sense of ownership.

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I believe each one of us is important to the society by his own way and the role he or she plays in this world , we all have an opinion and our opinion is what makes us who we are , but we have to learn to respect others and we should not be scared of getting involved and share what we have , even if we don't agree ,having different opinions is needed for the greater good .

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I think the thing I most took away from the chapter was that it is important to be involved in your community and democracy, but to be involved in the right way. The chapter mentioned a situtation with a rental home and the occupants being obnoxious outside, so she assumed that rental property codes were not up to par. She never thought that it could just be the occupants, and because of this a law was passed that made life really hard for renters. I think people need to do a lot of research in order to be involved in a productive way, which I think is what I mostly took away from the chapter. 

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I agree, being informed is an important part of Democracy. This is why information needs to be easier to access for everyone. 

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In a day and age like today it is extremely important for citizens of the United States to take charge and get more involved. I truly believe its not that people are lazy, i just think enough people dont trust the whole bunch and would rather let a few make the decisions. Some might be unaware of whats going on because they dont care, and others becuase they trust the judgement of the person in charge. This could result in a complete disaster with the wrong person in charge. If we all joined together and took charge our selves collectively, then it could benefit us more.

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The ways things are, people should get more involved in things like this. What's annoying, to me, personally, is that people let other people's judgment effect their decisions in matters such as this. And another thing is that some people like to "act" lazy and not care because they don't want to step up and take charge to make a difference. People should stop caring and stand up to lead.

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I agree and feel that people should live in a place that they are proud of and that makes them happy.  If everyone is proud of the place they live then they will work and do their best to make things bettter in that area and to make sure that they have a place that they can continue to be proud of.  When a group of people come together in an area and work to make something that they can all be proud of, is when big changes can happen that will affect everyone.

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To me it seems that most often there is not a problem getting people to join or to believe in something that will bring change.  Its getting enough people together that are willing to go the distance and to put forth the effort to make sure the change happens.  Anyone can look at a situation and thing that there is something wrong or that something needs to change, but what sets people apart is that not everyone is capable of working to see that a difference is made.