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The Ecology of Democracy, Chapter 6 - Your point of view - 2

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Our classroom discussions have centered on a chapter you were assigned from The Ecology of Democracy.

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I totally agree with you that people should get involved in society because if every person ignore the issues that going around them, life will be hard to live and things will not get better.
Honestly, to me i read the news, but i do not like to read about any war and blood news.

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Yeah the news can be hard to read sometimes and that is a reason I think a lot of people don't get more informeed because it can be hard to tkae sometimes.

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Yes, I agree with you. There i s a lot of destruction happpening right under our noises and people are not even realizing. People are afraid of the truth, so they try to deny reality.

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I totally agree! I feel if you get more involved, you ar definitely getting a better view on how others think, which is super important and makes you more open minded!

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I agree with you but I feel like it comes to a point where we have to stop being lazy an get involved if we really want to know what's going on.

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I completley agree with you as in all people should become more aware. We are letting the government or higher up individuals make all the decisions and most of the time we tend to sit back and watch. If you get informed however and start informing others then the population might have a say in some things.

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You have to also be educated on certain things in order to get involved. I think that in some cases, a lot of people do not get involved in society because they are unaware of the things and it may cause them to not want to get involved.

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I agree with your statement. With certain situations going on, you have to be more educated, because if you are not then you will have no idea what is going on. But I also know that it is the person's fault for not being educated. I mean it in a way that they have all the resources avaliable to them, and if they still don't take the resources that are given to them, then that is their own fault. 

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I agree with the author that people are "on the sidelines of the political system". Many people these days do not vote or pay attention to politics. 

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And also different country which they has different politic system. I think we should pay more attention to the whole world. 

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I agree with you U3, I think a big thing people don't think of when they make decisions is how it is looked at in different cultures, or countries.  

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I agree with you.  We all from different country, and this is a pluralistic world,a single decision too boring , facing different cultures require different treatment approach .


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I agree with you we should know about other countries. Not just your own. We must pay attention to the whole world, to succeed in life

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I agree with you .. because of the difference countries and cultures may get collision of views and opinion. Everybody sees what individual believe is the right thing because he sees from one side.

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I second this, its very true. In order to fully understand what is going on in our own political systems we must also be able to view the political systems of the world to understand the differences that are going on around us. At that point we will also be able to see what the flaws are in our own system, that we could learn from others.

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I completely agree with you! everyone fights for rights but never lives up to them.

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Right! Every time we fight for rights and they give them to us, people tend to neglect that.

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Yes there are many people who stay "on the sidelines", but thats because they're not motivated enough to become involved. I liked how the article stated that to get people involved, we need to have problems that make people passionate. To get someone fired up about an issue it needs to be personal and real. People are unaware of how these events affect them; we need to find ways to get people to have a connection with the problems in our society. A good example of this connection is the Randyland project. The kids of that neighborhood have grown up helping to make the environment brighter and welcoming, and now they feel proud looking upon it because they participated in making that change happen. To make society care, we need more opportunities like Randyland.

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I definitely agree that we need to find ways to get connected to the problems in our society. I think projects like Randyland are a great start that allows people to take pride in their community. It was really a clever idea to have the kids help out, because most people would think twice about destroying something created by a child, and as they get older, they have respect for it because it was something that they had worked hard for and taken part in. We need more community projects like this, because it helps strengthen our ties to our communities and creates more respect for the place where we live. 

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I feel like most people do not think that their vote really counts. Like what is the point of one vote when theres millions of others voting.

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I agree with you and I think that poses an even larger reason that people don't vote. What can we start teaching in schools and to the general public now that will convince people that their personal opinion does matter? What will make it more appealing to get voters to the poll? I think its a difficult task to show.

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I agree with you and I think that poses an even larger reason that people don't vote. What can we start teaching in schools and to the general public now that will convince people that their personal opinion does matter? What will make it more appealing to get voters to the poll? I think its a difficult task to show.

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exactly, that is the point where we start losing. We think that our vote doesnot matter, but infact that one vote really matters. No matter whoever we support but usually people go with the flow of wind and support the presuming winning party. We should know the value of our vote. we should also make others aware of their voting rights to show the power of your vote to the world.

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You have the Right to vote, even if you are not interesting on politics or the election you are absolutely have right to vote. Everyone might have a chance to do something special on his life, also the right of voting, On my opinion every citizen should vote even if he/she not interesting on that, every one will do great just because you are vote. Keep on mind EVERY ONE HAVE THE RIGHT TO VOTE you should never loss it.


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.I agree with you, every citizen should vote even if he/she not interesting on that because voting is national duty

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It appears that voting is important to many of you. Why do you think people should place such importance on voting. Is it not also a right not to vote? A large portion of the U.S. population do not vote. Why is that?

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I think everyone should vote.  For one we were founded upon the ideal of voting and it only makes sense because if we have no rights or no way of saying sorry government but I don't want that law or change then they will take over.  The voice of the people I believe is shown by voting.  Many countries only wish they could even consider having thoughts of voting for what they want and it's simply not an option for them.  We should take hold of what we are given.  Voting could help us get what we want, everyone who votes is taking a stand for what they want because in the end you either want something or you don't and by not voting at all you are giving up any right to stand up and giving more power possibly to the people who are voting against what you want.   It is an important and somewhat just way of deciding how we will live, it needs to be important for every citizen.  Without us voting the government might think something is a great idea for the people but in retospect it could be terrible.  Maybe they never have even faced the issue that they are trying to help, so then they are just blindly pushing laws and maybe not on purpose but then it is left to us to vote and say "Hey that won't help".  

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I completely agree with you! People should be voting. There are so many people that do not vote because they think their vote will not matter. They think because they are one person, that it will not change anything if they vote. Those are the people who are complaining that they don't like our president, but how can someone complain if they didn't try to have a say? I like that you bring up other countries. There are other places that don't have a say in how they live their life. This was something we were talking about in my French class the other day. Two students in my class said that back in China they can't use google because it was taken away, but one was hoping that they are allowed to use google again soon. He said he would want be able use it if he went back to China. I just found it interesting that they can't do what they want, but there people still won't participate.

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I agree. I think voting is a fundamental right, as well as a responsibility of the public to ensure their voices are heard. The flip side of that is I understand people's reservations on voting if they aren't very involved in their local or national politics. It's hard to say that you can make a sounds authoritative decision on an issue you know litle about. That is why I feel like we need to support and encourage a sense of community and involvement. This will ensure people take ownership of their issues and take action to correct or improve them, sucha as voting.

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Some of the points that you have put them where the vote is important to know how to accept for some people and other ideas and agreed the extent of their application Must be the voting process accessible and easy for all by voting through modern means open or relative voting centers from their workplaces and residences