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The Ecology of Democracy, Chapter 6 - Your point of view - 2

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Our classroom discussions have centered on a chapter you were assigned from The Ecology of Democracy.

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Remember, we are interested in your original thoughts and ideas! This assignment is designed to get you to think critically and engage in a civil discussion with your classmates about the democratic process of problem solving as it relates to you in the classroom and in the community.

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I beleive that it also a right not to vote. Voting is a choice. Our country stresses that everyone needs to vote and that is because they want to make sure that it is actually a majority of the countries choice and not just the majority of the registered to vote crowd. People should not be forced to vote though. If they do not beleive in any of the candidates why should they have to vote for something they do not beleive in. However, I think that is not the reason most people do not vote. Most people do not vote because they do not want to focus on it. People have busy lives and do not have time to focus on the polotics. 

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it could be true that it is a right for people to choose not to vote. indeed voting should not be compulsory since the freedom is the most important principle of voting and democracy but then those people do not have the right to oppose the result

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I agree with you U29. I love asking people if they voted while theyre complaining. those are the people who are are whats hurting society.

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People should Definatley get involved because peoples differences can help in the environment 

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I completely agree with you! everyone should be involved

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True. And that difference could change someone's life.

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I like your sentence .. All persons susceptible to change their thinking if it is satisfied the opinion of the other person .. so we have to give a real opinion, which may benefit our society and change for the better

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I think that the enviorment is very important but that their are many other issues that would benefit from people getting involved. 

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How can peoples differences help the environment? Why is this important?

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I think that people's differences can help the environment by being able to see both sides of a crisis. For example, when looking at the ideas for alternate power sources there are pros and cons to windmills. The pros being we use less fossil fuels to heat our homes, we are using clean energy rather than creating toxic waste in the atmosphere. The cons being that it alters habitats for certain animals, and it can cause injury/harm to the animals that typically live near these areas. If it weren't for the people that saw the helpful information to both sides of the problem this issue would not have been solved. When people differ it causes conversation and can possibly help you come up with a better answer than what you were originally thinking that would answer the problem.

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The peoples differnces can truly help the enviroment if they are educated on whats going with the waste theyre producing. I also feel its big business who is more to blame. E-Waste is a big problem with the enviroment. dumping old computers, cell phones, tvs. etc have a lot of harmful chemicals that are seeping into the ground and distrubin ground water and plants.

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In order to help the environment i feel we need people with multiple ideas. Then by taking the different sides to each of the problems then a possible solution may arise. Also each person might want certain stardards or limitations on alternative energy or so, then through differences is how we find solutions that can benefit the most amount of people as possible.

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I feel that citizens should be fully educated on all isssues that they connect with or have some relation with before thinking about supporting it or pushing it into action, but I also think they need to look at each isssue that they support and look on the opposing sides view.  It will help decrease political debate and hatred when forming new laws or whatever it may be.  We shouldn't just think "Well my idea is right, I think it's right, so that's what I am going to support."  

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 I fully agree that education is important to making changes in communities. I disagree that a relationship to the problem is enough to take a stand about the issue though. In unit six there was an example of a lady who just observed a crime and then made impulsive laws. More laws is not always better, often it just causes people to make more of a ruckus. If someone wants to commit a crime they will break laws. If enough people break the law then law enforcement has no effect on those people. A better solution would be to create violence awareness in schools and at big events within the society. That way the next generation will be a safer more educated generation than the last one. This concept can also be applied to the involvement of various political issues. We simply need more ways of educating, and it needs to be unbias education so that people can form their own opinions.

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People definetly need to educate themselves and then line up their points of view with the corresponding side of an issue. Looking at both sides of an argument will indeed make us more well-informed citizens.

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I deffinalty agree with you. People need to make sure they know that they are talking about and have truthful information to back it up.

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I agree with you as we human lives in a committees and share this plant. also, human is a social creature we need each other to survive and develop this world.

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I also think people that are just living in society and standing on the outlines are doing themselves or their country injustice.  Too much today there are people that stay on the outlines and don't care about the isssues, but when things are changed, and it is not to their liking then they are unhappy with the results.  So they need to realize their one vote, idea, or opinion matters.  Being more involved will help everyone as a whole.  

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I agree with you 

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I agree with your idea. As I said "If something bad happens and no one willing to stand up for justice that darkness will always go dark."

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That's right. We heard a lot about people changed the world because they made their own rights loud and clear for the people. The point is the people followed them because they were able to see the rights with them. 

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Unfortunately, many election candidates use popular and controversial topics such as women rights, equity, and solving economic issues... etc only to win in that election, but when they become in charge their promises become lies. 

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I think that this is especially important in todays society. I see people on Twitter everyday tweeting #blacklivesmatter or commenting on womens rights. To be honest, I have issues taking these people seriously if they are not going out in the community and doing something about it. It just seems silly.

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I strongly agree. Nowadays, people are becoming speak only in social networking sites without doing something tangible for change.

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I see this all of the time. Especially as of late with all of these young "social justice warriors" who like to complain about the system and the way the world and our society currently is yet they actively do nothing to encite or participate in the change necessary. Sitting behind the protection of a screen does nothing for change. Do something, change the world. As Ghandi says "Be the change that you want to see happen in the world". Talk is cheap, action is definitive.

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I agree with you. People don't go and vote but mad when the result don't come out like they want them to. We all have to take charge of our own actions. First we need to know everything that's going on around us and how we can help to make a change. Then start to make it happen.

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I agree! If you don't like what's going on around you, become more involved and make changes.

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I agree with you. People will always say how they don't think their opinion matters, so they aren't going to vote in an election or talk about an issue, but when things start going downhill they suddenly get upset because everything is no longer going their way and they want someone else to change it for them. Getting everyone more involved would definitely help.

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This is completely ture U30! You hear all the time how people don't want to vote, or feel as you say "my vote doesn't matter". So instead of standing up for what they believe they sit back. That is until they see something in their neighboorhood not going so good, and then they get upset and want change. My only question is, is how could you get everyone involved? What are some ways that we can get persuade people into getting more involved?

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Absolutely true . people become only express their opinion after the vote Is this person deserve or not, but does not seek to participate.