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The Ecology of Democracy, Chapter 6 - Your point of view - 2

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Our classroom discussions have centered on a chapter you were assigned from The Ecology of Democracy.

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I feel that many people in the world don't take their rights seriously. Many women don't vote even though years ago they faught constantly for that right. Also, I believe that people should know what is going on in the world. You never know what could be happening.

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This is a great point. It seems the majority of people take their rights and responsibilities for granted. It's not something most people of this generation had to fight to instill, or still fight to preserve. It seems as though the signifgance of losing their voice or power isn't realized. Hopefully our community wakes up and starts taking their repsonsibility more seriously and takes action, before it's too late.

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I totally agree with you. In some countries women still does not have the right to vote. Not only voting, but also not being equal to men in some cases.

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I agree with you in this part of the right of women to claim rights and participate in what it deems most appropriate to their nature and supports its existence and its societal This also reinforces what you want to see women's rights in the field of education and who want to work with

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I completely agree with the author says "Of course, people don’t always make sound decisions."  Many people today make a lot of bad decisions and don't always live up to them. People today talk behind many peoples back and constantly put the blame on other people.'s picture

I have to agree with you, it's sad to see so many people make poor choices in their lives that affects not just themselves, but others as well.  If more people would own up to their mistakes and try to learn from them, maybe they could grow and become better people.


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     I agree the author said "Becoming involved is only half the battle. Once involved, people may act together, but its no blessing unless they act wisely so society as a whole benefits." Because If something bad happens and no one willing to stand up for justice that darkness will always go dark. Unless we all involved, perhaps there will be a lot of questions and many difficulties, but I belive the brighter day will come very soon if people work together. And also we need to stand up to care about our surrounding,maybe a good communication and a fair vote can change our existing deficiencies.
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You bring up a good point in that working together is imperative to a successful future for all involved.  Groups of people pooling their knowledge and resources to accomplish a larger goal is something that should happen more often in our society.


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I really agree with you. It is really important for people to get involved.

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This article should be required to be read by everyone. So many people just jump on the bandwaggon so they have something to complain about or so they get some attention. Some people just want to look like they are supporting a cause just because it is the cool thing to support in todays society. It is quite unfortunate that so many people are uninformed about such things. It blocks people from forming their own opinions on topics

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I agree that there are many people that are not informed of the problems that are occurring in their communities, but most people just know that they want something to change without educating themselves on how to form an opinion or to even help resolve the problem. With that being said there are things that we can do that will stop this ignorance. Simply by having discusions that have fact will help educate others. We make several post on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites that there is no excuse for not spreading our knowledge. Once people learn and start to consider different things they will form an interest and began to develop a thinking process that will help. Being a bystander to this problem is almost as bad as not participating in our government. 

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This is a really stellar comment, people need to research what they stand for before they commit themselves to it, and get their information from reliable places as well.

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I agree with you. Many people will agree with a certain side of a topic because they were gived biased information or don't know the whole story. Also, some people will support a cause because they see many people getting their opinions torn down by one side of the argument and they don't want that to happen to them as well. Many people are misinformed, like you said. The Media is almost never a completely reliable source because they mislead their audience, or only show one side of an issue just because they want people to click on their post to get more views, favories, or likes, and want to get a reaction out of people.

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I have to agree with you. This article is great and worth thinking.

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With our democratic government citizens must partake in politics in order to achieve equality and positive results in our communities but, when we are involved in our government there are several aspects in life that we must consider. We must combine our morals, education, judgment and values. When using these key components we can make the best decisions and changes that are beneficial to all. There will be many disagreements based on different lifestyles, but using everyone’s ideas and facts will help produce policies that are suitable to all which is the main purpose of a democracy. 

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I feel that these diversities between people is what makes production of policies and decision making for large groups of people so difficult and controversial. Maybe thats why so many things (i.e. policies) are so messy.

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I agree. We all come from different backgrounds, so we have different views on what we believe to be morally right and wrong and have varying levels of education, and this in turn affects our judgment and what we value. Because of these differences, when we come together to make a decision, we clash because we each have different views on how to reach the best outcome.

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Well said! What would you do to fix the moral dilemma you speak about?

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Maslow's hierarchy of needs:

1- Physiological needs: the physical requirements for human survival such as eating, drinking, air, and sex... etc

2- Safety needs: safety and Security needs include personal security, financial security, health, safety net against accidents/illness and their adverse impacts.

3- Love and belonging: such as friendship, intimacy, family… etc

4- Esteem: strength, competence, mastery, self-confidence, independence, and freedom.

5- Self-actualization: the desire to accomplish everything that one can, to become the most that one can be.

6- Self-transcendence: higher goal outside oneself, in altruism and spirituality.

These needs still the only motivation for citizens to get involved in any political decision and influence on their leaders, but the media nowadays has a big influence on the public opinion beside the people do not read and educate themselves enough to understand what is going on around them and what are their values that they need ??? 



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The main problem is when people who are not educated enough to get involved in making decision such as voting, and they still struggle with the first need in Maslow's hierarchy of needs which is physiological needs. So, the election candidates can buy their votes by money or some food. At the end, I believe that the community won't change if at least more than 60% of population are educated and they have the first four needs of Maslow's hierarchy of needs otherwise the society will end up looking for individual self interest. 

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I remember reading that  Maslow said that he believed many people will never achieve the all of the hierarchy of needs. It does not mean they cannot still educate themselves to help make a better society. Education is one of the best ways to gain the rest of the hierarchy of needs, and since they are educated they can give a substancial feedback to voting and other political participation.

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I know that we all should be more aware of whats going on around us but some people are only used to solving problems that they can identify. With how some of these problems are named most easily dismiss them because they dont sound like something they would care about to begin with let alone identify.

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This is very true, i feel like so many things that are made known  to the public, have such vague titles, that they are just passed over and no one actually, as you say it "identifies them" do you think the naming of problems in this way is done on purpose??? 

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The article mentioned that a lot of people are on the sidelines about politics because lack of passion. I propose that maybe the issues in our society are being blown out of proportion. We focus on reality TV shows, celebrities, and fill our minds with things that don't matter. But when there's something urgent we only briefly glance at it and move on with our "fantasy" lives. Americans do not exeperience a lot of the world problems because our society is quite privledged. We don't like to touch on issues of helping the cities and towns that have hit rock bottom because we like to focus on the success of big cities. So when we vote we tend to get lazy and not care.  We ignore problems because we can avoid them. The roads are not fixed because we rather dodge a bad road than pay extra tax dollars. Like the article said, we have to gain some and lose some to make compromises, we cannot just "put it off". 

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 Nice post! People in civic office often say folks just don't care. If you had the power, how would you go about getting people to care?

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To get people to care we need to find how it effects them directly and make them aware of it. Even though I disagree with the gay and lesbian community beliefs, they knew how to make people care, to the extent of passing a law for their benefit. To do this this they used devices such as social media and television shows that millions of people watch. In a sense they created their own propaganda. They used popular icons such as Ellen Degenerous to support the gay and lesbian communities and see personal stories of the difficulties people had to endure in our society. This made people feel empathetic and start to feel passionate towards the issue. They also used social media to get attention, many made pictures and sayings to promote the issue. There are so many forms that it is almost impossible for someone to not know about the gay and lesbian issues. This strategy could be applied to literaly anything.  It has to be places people look daily, and it has to be promoted by famous figures to grab more attention. So, if i had the power I would infect television and social media with the  current problem, and soon enough the entire country will be aware. By having this awareness, it causes people to automatically care and take a stand on the subject at hand.

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we may consider the media, even though some time the television or social media will harm the case more than it will help. on the other hand if you know how to grab attention to a cace and guide the media to the right direction it wii help.Also, to active that we need to go to the people and show them that they are the power and by their word and act the can change the impossible. i heard this expression before "one hand can not clap" one person or one organization will do good but not enough   

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An important aspect to the involvement of polical compaigns is that people want to have ownership over the problems. They want to be able to say they had action in solving a problem. Sometimes voting feels distant and that the chances of one person affecting millions seems impossible, and most of the time it is. This is why group involvement is important. To transform a community, members of the community need to participate.

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It is extremely important to get involved, and i think anyone could find a way to agree with that, but its NOT easy to get involved, esspecially as young peoples. I think so many young people have strong things to say, and if they had the confidence to get involved, they could have the power to change something. I fear that, growing up and as young adults, people are never actually heard or taken serioiusly. Through that, confidences can be worn thin, voices diluted, thoughts remolded according to someone elses opinion, and when they finally become involved, they wont be the same. I get it people change but it shouldnt be like that, and i think this chapter way over simpifies involvement throughout communities and with the government, when there are really SO many factors to involvement. Its a complex topic, and i think weve barely scratched the surface. 

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Great post! If someone gave you the power and resources to work on these complex issues, how would you go about it? What is the first thing you would do?