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The Ecology of Democracy, Chapter 6 - Your point of view - 2

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First off, i doubt anyone would ever just hand over the power and resources to work through these complex issues. i would get them through pervierence and time wel spent making people actually listen. I would not go about it alone that is for sure because people in numbers make bigger impacts (history can provide the evidence), but I do have a small distrust in fellow man. I mean these complexities were created by humans and the societies we bath oursevles in. If i could ever get a world of consumers to listen to something other than consuming, and get people to stop focusing on differences and more on simularities maybe a change of pace would occur.

 I would love to change the ideas that govern socities, as a whole and individualy, the way things are organized, change the way that the earth and the animals are treated. Im an enviromentalist at heart and i believe that when the earth is dead we will be to and then we wont have a chance to make a difference. getting people to focus on things no matter if they are family, friends, or strangers could, hypothetically change the world. Or i hope so at leaste. 

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Where are properly exploited and better and in which any bias it clear to the other for a total of The authority must also be exploited in the service of the people and their support and not to bad for business or personal

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What are right decisons according to the governent? Why is money a huge playing factor? The end of the chapter goes on about how no one actually knows if a decison is good until its put into action. Does that mean everything we vote on is a huge guess based completely on what we want as an indivudual? Is decision making so selfish, that when we decide its based on us and not on other people as a whole? Most people are taught how to make right decisions by their parents, but their parents are only teaching them what they think is right based off of what society is telling them? So what is right? How corrupt is this system? 

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This chapter definelty raised some important matters to attention. The part that I found to be the most interesting was about emotions sometimes getting in the way of sound decison making. People tend to make rash judgements based on how they feel (particularly danger) without thinking through their actions and what their actions may produce.

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This is very important because we are the future of this nation. It is up to us really to stay informed and make those decisions that are going to impact the future of America in a positive way.

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I believe that this article is very important for people our age to read. Now is the time to be educated and to learn where as people in generations ahead of us have gone off the path of learning. Maybe these people were never taught to get involved or maybe they didn't listen, either way, the point is that we all need to be involved to make the world flow harmoniously.

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You have a point since if we fail to learn from history we are doomed to repeat it and get blindsided by today's problems.

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Since we know that people stay on the sidelines since they don't know wether or not something will affect them till it does, what's stopping those who are aware from trying to find a way to convince others how benificial to keep an eye on things around them or help others better understand what the issues are when they don't understand especially if their job is to make the public aware.

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I agree with the author, many people say bad thing behind people. just like author people do not always make right decisions. What I thought is today we living in the same world, we neeed to follow the right thing, like who creaat something that can help people live better or someone advocating peace. The power of one person is not enought, we need to unite, let the world with full of positive energy. 

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people need to get more involved and they also need to get educated in order to get involved. If people do not get involved with society, then society wouldn't be society. We need people with different talents and different eductions to help out with this world. We cannot have one of the same person. Even people who are classified with low class jobs such as taking out the trash or working at McDonalds is very important because of it weren't for people like them we wouldn't be able to survive.

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I think that people should become more involved with what is going on around them. Even if something doesn't interest you, it could cause problems for you in the long run. So, it's always good to be aware on what's going on around you and being more involved with the issues at hand.

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I have to agree although i am absolutley guilty of being completely uninvolved, however i know the gist of what is usally happening in the cummunity localy or nationaly. I feel like because of how things are, esspecially in the U.S. that things are kind of (excuse my french) in the shitter already. But i mean know how bad things are could eventually make people get up and actually get involved to make them better. I like how you say that "it could cause problems for you in the long run" because its true, and i mean we are facing decisions made in the past today still. certain things still effect people today.

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i agree, one voice can make a difference and as the butterfly effect has shows, the smallest action can lead to the most drastic change in the future. You getting out there and saying something could change you and everything around you in many different ways

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I agree that people should be more involved, not just around them, but in the world in general. With having knowledge and being aware of what is happening in the world is such a powerful thing that people take for advantage. We take it for advantage because we are in our little bubble and we don't want to expand out of it. We would rather look up stuff that are pointless and isn't going to make a difference in the world rather than things that are going ot make a matter and will help our knowledge grow. 

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I belive that if people want to see a change, that they should help out and not expect everyone else to make the change for them. There are to many people out there that, as a few of you said, "sit on the sideline." The problem with this is the if no one wants to help out then how is anything going to change? As a manager, the words of one of my staff members I will look into, but it's not on the top of my priority list, now if everyone starts coming to me asking for a change or a suggestion, then this is something that I have to respond to. This is the same thing as, for example, voting, if you don't vote than you are not putting in your opinion to the matter, it only takes a few people with that same thought to throw off a  entire election, especially if it's a close one. As an individual your opinion matters and one person has the ability to make a huge impact. 

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I agree with what you said. Most americans say that they want to see change in the world, yet they do nothing to solve about it. Some people think that someone else will make a change or get involved. They think "oh I don't need to get invlolved with that, someone else will" and that's where the issue lies. If most Americans are thinking that why, then they will see no change in them world And no one will get invlolved. To add what you said about voting, if people don't vote then their opinion is not stated. Then when they find out the results of the vote, they get angry because it didnt go their way, when really they could have voiced their opinion by voting.


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I believe that our generation needs to be more educated on things, so it can be easier for them to get invovled in the world. If they have no idea what the issues at hand are, how do you expect them to open up and speak their minds? You never know how a situation could affect you, so it's better to be educated about it so you can have a say on what will affect your life and the others around you.

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I feel that it's unfair of people to complain about such major issues like woman's rights but then to never do anything proactive about it.

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In this chapter the writer focused how people can make their decisions and judge the others. Making the right decision with the family is really hard, so how we can even make the right decision to judge the public? Here is an example from the book showing how taking decisions is hard. Someone came from his/her job tired wants a quiet place to rest from a long day, then he/she back home to see his/ family want to get out. The decision here is hard, either he/she decide staying at home and ignores his/her family or get out with the family to have rest with them and make a family gathering to make his/her family happy. On my opinion, the person should be smart in taking decision or make a judgment on the others. 

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Making decisions is not an easy thing; it should have a smart mind and wisdom. For example, someone driving very slowly on a wet highway to arrive safely, it’s a decision because our mind taking it immediately to be safe. In this situation the person judge this decision right, because no one tells its wrong. But if he decide to be hurry on wet highway, then the person take decision to be not safe. Whatever the value is, there is no gage for the decision that chosen will be the best one, we will not know what are the results until the effect have played out.  


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I agree with the reoccurring topic that Americans who seem to be or are uninterested in politics probably don’t feel a connection to that particular topic that’s being talked about in the media, by politicians and by leaders. Many people would feel more inclined to vote and talk about these issues if they actually felt a connection to them, because if they don’t feel a connection to the issues/topics then sometimes those issues/topics don’t seem real to them. Also, just being involved with the topics sometimes isn’t enough. A person may have been informed of the wrong facts or has been given the right facts but with a bias which could influence their decision on the matter. 

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I agree with the quote by Woodrow Wilson at the end of the chapter. I think he was right when he said that there has to be discussion and debate and that all people should participate in those conversations because that is what democracy is and is for. I also agree with the fact the this would be the only way to hear everyone’s opinion on a matter and to be able to see all the sides of an issue so it can end up benefiting the most amount of people possible.'s picture

This chapter brings up a lot of good things to think about as far as our roles in our communities and our responsibilites within those roles.  Our decisions must be informed and well thought out rather than just an offhand response.  For example, it wouldn't do to vote for a candidate for president or local office without knowing their policies.  Being informed is paramount to creating an environment we can feel comfortable in and take pride in.

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In answer to the question 'How do you understand the role of citizens or the citizenry in a democracy?', there are a few different things that must be taken into consideration.  The role of a citizen is to adhere to the federal and state laws of their area and not infringe upon the well-being of other people in their community.  People have the right to do as they please within laws, but must not negatively affect the rights of others to their live and liberty.  I think another important role is to be informed and yet still have an open mind as far as the opinions and input of others.  Communities thrive when the people within them all understand what is expected of them and remain respectful of others.


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I feel like this chapter makes quit a few good points. Most Americans are not informed when it comes to politics. I don’t even believe most politicians are informed on all the issues. This chapter stresses that it isn’t just important to know the facts but to know the morals of the issues. Moral issues are the most difficult to deal with and if people cannot get educated then the wrong choices will consistently be made.  

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The author also makes a point of saying that although we might beleive the same things, like we all want to be safe, we have different ways of getting there. I think that because everyone has different views it is to difficult the agree on all the same things. Asking politicians to agree on an issue is crazy let alone trying to get the whole nation to agree.

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I agree that not everyone thinks that they aren't affected by politcal decisions. About half of the world pay political decisions no attention. I think people should start paying more attetnion to the world around them because, whether they know it or not they are being affected by political decisions. If people became involved they can possibly change the issues they have at hand. They can give ideas of how to fix things or bring attention to higher power to help them change an issue.

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When it comes to local or national issues, making a sound decision that pleases everyone is virtually impossible.  Within the article, it explains that people differ in opinion, and even those who agree may disagree on how to confront an issue.  In today's age, we don't have the time to stop and collect enough information to judge an issue to come to the perfect conclusion.  We have to make the best decision that can benifit the majority of people in the community.

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I agree with you that it is virtually impossible to please everyone in a decision. The part that I am going to take in another direction is when you said "In today's age, we don't have the time to stop and collect enough information to judge an issue to come to the perfect conclusion." There is time to make the best decision but most of the time, politicians do as much as they can during a certain a session. They have to make a decision during that session or else it will be tabled until the next session. We do have the option to not only have the politicians do the research but also, get the people involved in the research on an issue that is being contemplated by the entire nation. For example, in schools when they lose a decent amount of funding they tend to want to cut music from the curriculum. However, they think that the kids won't have blow off classes and they don't look at the amount of kids that enjoy music. There are kids that would have gotten into so much trouble if they wouldn't have found their passsion for music. The politicians just need to go back to the research to understand how much good music actually does for the childrens in the public school systems.