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The Ecology of Democracy, Chapter 6 - Your point of view - 2

Hello Everyone,

Our classroom discussions have centered on a chapter you were assigned from The Ecology of Democracy.

This is a gentle reminder that your posts and responses are due by Monday, November 27th by midnight. Keep in mind, you are to write a well thought-out, meaningful reflection paper about your group project  and respond to two of your classmates papers, for a minimum total of three posts.

Remember, we are interested in your original thoughts and ideas! This assignment is designed to get you to think critically and engage in a civil discussion with your classmates about the democratic process of problem solving as it relates to you in the classroom and in the community.

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A lot of people have no idea about most issues or are uneducated about most issues. Being uneducated about a political decision is a set back because people wouldn't know how to try and fix a situation. Without being educated people wouldn't be able to pitch in and try to change the world. Being educated could make everyone closer and help everyone out. Being educated about certain situations can benefit the world as a whole.

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I agree with you, If you are uneducated how are you suppost to contribute to the world? The only way you can make a difference is by knowing what you are dealing with and bringing in your own facts and ideas and the only way you can do that is through education. You cannot make a difference or get involved if you dont even know what you are dealing with. That is why education is important.

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I agree with you. I believe to really have a solid opinion people need to have done research on whatever the topic might be, if it's politics to world issues. The benefits of being knowledgeable in certain things to make valid points and to possibly see the other side of the issue. Being educated helps people see where the other person is coming from without being rude or ignorant. A lot of people want to believe unreliable sources on the internet or any kind of media and most of the time there's little truth in what is being said on the internet or what ever media source being used. Yes, there are some replicable sources on the internet but there's a lot more of non-truthful sources.'s picture

I completely agree with you. I think one of the biggest problems we have in America today is the fact that so many people are uneducated when it comes to social and political issues, yet they make decisions that can dictate the fate of the country. A perfect example would be this election.'s picture

I completely agree with you. I think one of the biggest problems we have in America today is the fact that so many people are uneducated when it comes to social and political issues, yet they make decisions that can dictate the fate of the country. A perfect example would be this election. 

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I feel like people nowadays only care about what is on their phones and not what is going on in the real world. People need to start gettong involved and seeing what is happening. When it comes to elections on tv, people need to play a part and really listen to what the candidates are taking a stand on. Many young people only pick the person who they are going to vote for because that is who they see their friends make a big deal about. They also dont know what is happening anywhere else in the world. Can we blame all of this on the fact that techology has made us disconnted from the world and connect our headphones into our phones and forget that the world is changing and evolving. 

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I agree with you! Everywhere you will there will be people on their phones. People barely look up as they are walking. They only care about what is going on with Facebook, or Twitter, or anything else. They are not focused on what is going on in the world today. People should pay more attention to the elections. Like i said in my post, people get mad when someone they did not want to win, wins, but they did not even vote. Then they complain that the President is horrible, and someone else should have won. People should educate themselves on who is running, and vote for whoever they want. No one should vote based on friends, they should vote for who they like. You do not have to tell people who you voted for. 

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Chapter 6 talked about how more and more people need to get involved in the community and making political decisions. One part of the chapter stated that getting involved wont result in a better life unless citizens make wise decisions. I agree with that statement because if people want to get invlolved in order to improves their lives, they first need to become educated or they could make the wrong decisions. It also talked about how people only get invloved when it effects them directly. But when dealing with the ecoomy and politics doesnt it effect everyone, just not always directly?

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I like that you pointed out that people getting involved will not make life better unless they make wise decisions. I think that is a good point. If people are making bad decisions, then nothing will get better. People should take time in making a decision because that would make them think of what the right decision would be. There are going to be people who make bad decisions, but as long as the good decisions weigh out the bad, I think things would get better. 

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There are so many things going on in the world today, and there are people that are uninformed about them. They're trying to judge the positions law makers take on the issue even though they don't know what the issue is truly about. They may know what the issue is on the outside but they don't look down to the center of the issue to know what the true concern of it is. A large problem that we have when making decisions is making them based off of our feelings. When you do this, most of the time you end up making a bad decision. Although your intentions were right, you were acting on impulses and your brain doesn't take a decent amount of time to process them.  When you act right away you only think of the consequences of the decision that are lying right in front of you. You won't see what the true consequences of the decision that are going to come along later. For example, you value your safety at home so when you hear about somebody's house being broken into a couple of miles a way you immediately go to social media to express your concern for your neighborhood. You begin to put pressure on the local government for more law enforcement to start patroling the neighborhoods. Some might immediately only think about the fact that there are going to be more police in the neighborhood. However, having more police in the neighborhood could cause more harm than good, because people will start to come after you if they get in trouble for something that people in the neighborhood never cared about before. Not only that, your taxes will probably get raised so that the police officers can be paid for their work making sure that you are safe. You may have the right idea, and be on to something great, but really take the time to think about what you are going to do before drastic measures have been taken. This could really help out many people, and I know that I am a person that usually acts on feelings and most of the time it really doesn't work out for me because I made the decision too quickly.


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there is no country without citizen. democracy as a political system i would call it the sound of the people. so, if the people do not participate that will lead to the system failure.i read ones  a philosopher  defined democracy as the dictatorship of the majority if the minority  set on the sideline .that definition sums how citizens involvement is Important to their country. people need to get involved in every idea or thought they believe on to do their part and help the system to work probably. Also, knowing what issues on your community as a citizen helps you to understand what is the problems around you and how you would solve it.

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Many people form their own opinions before they have all of the facts, or when some of the facts they used to come to their conclusion were wrong. Not only do the citizens need to be well informed to come to the most beneficial conclusion, they need to be able to keep an open mind to ideas that may be different from their own. Many of the people who do take part in voting and political issues are too emotionally attached to their own opinions or political parties to make a rational decision. Not that using your emotions is bad; on the contrary, it is good to be passionate about something you believe in. It's just that more often than not people get so attached to that idea that when someone else who disagrees with them comes along and tries to share their opinion, they take it as an attack on them personally. This makes it significantly more difficult to discuss the issue, because now emotions are running the arguement instead of logic. They do not need to compromise their beliefs, and they certaintly don't have to agree, but we need to be able to take a step back and hear out the other side without attacking them solely because their opinion differs from our own. 

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People within a particular community have various responsibilities to carry out all the time. However, the citizens’ fundamental responsibility within their community should ensure the existence of a society based on norms and traditions that helps in day-to-day governance. In this circumstance, the individual should work to ensure that the existing norms and traditions are geared towards the realization of the best interest for all the societal members. Moreover, it is the moral obligation of every society member to participate responsibly in ensuring that existing norms and tradition are respected all the time. That way, it is not only the governing authority that takes charge in governing but the whole community. The creation of awareness in the society would help individuals learn and pass some of the cherished values and traditions to the latter generations. Furthermore, the individual engagement in governance creates citizen-to-citizen interactions, which further expand the democratic space within a society.

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I felt that chapter six was about how people need to get involved more and it also highlighted how people will only speak up (or get involved) if it directly affects them. The chapter also went into how people are not getting involved. There was a quote on page 70: "Americans who appear to be uninterested in politics may simply fail to see how much connection between what they consider valuable and the policy issues championed by interests groups. pressed by community leaders, debated by politicians, and discussed in the media.". I could relate to this quote because I was someone who was not interested in politics at all and something like this didn't occur to me like this for a long time. I feel that if people (who are not interested in politics) could see a bigger picture, they could get just as involved as others because most decisions are made that way and it may not be a problem until it affects them directly. 

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It is through citizen participation that full democracy can be realized in any community. Besides, the creation of democracy through citizen participation serves to ensure full delivery of services, as leaders would be compelled to act responsibly all the time. In this case, leaders would know that their obligations and duty relies fully on the sovereignty of the citizens who can question their failure any time. Moreover, public participation in governance affairs would ensure the upholding and passing of civic duty from generation to generation

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I feel people would be more inclined to get involved if politicians stopped attacking each other’s credibility and state of mind. It is easy to get distracted from the point when they keep insulting everyone instead of focusing on the issue at hand. If politicians spent half as much time trying to solve the problems our country is facing as they spend digging up skeletons from their opponents past, this country would be in a much better state, and they would have a lot more respect from the people. When someone is respected, people tend to pay more attention to and care about what they have to say. This would help voters be better informed about the issues at hand, and make them more likely to act on it.

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I think education can make everything positive and possible. Education which can change our community too. Because of that, being a well educated will help everyone and your self too. Also, you'll be able to know how can you think about other people just because you are educated. We will be aware of what is around us. We also can make our own judgement. Being a well educated will make the media job hard to them. The media try always to change our mind even if it wrong they just don't care and that what they called deliberating. So, for that reason being educated something unlikely for the media because they know that we will think about other things and our minds are more open minded. 

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I do agree with you education will change our community to the best. But they have to be more active and spread the people's awareness as I mentioned in my comment. Also education can change our view to many things in our life. Back to the media, it will try to change our mind but we already an educated people so, we have to be more careful and look to the other side then make our decision. In last,related to democracy,  being educated person that's make you so confident to get involved and participating in the community. 

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Many people think that living at the sideline of the life is a positive role specifically with current increasing of the problems around the world. And getting rid of the life pressure and concentrating only on their job. Other people think that participating is a fabulous thing and it will solve any issue. I think that participating of all groups or members of the society is crucially important to face the life issues. When we look at the injustice, we must realize it and face it to achieve the justice. Thus, we will not pay any concern to what will happen later. 

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I feel that US Citizens should be aware  and educated on all of the world's issues today. Especially the youth. I feel as if the school system should teach the youth about polictics and world issues becuase the youth isn't going to try and research it themselves. They may recieve information about current events but that's only becuase of social media and maybe their parents or friends, and who knows how accurate they are. 

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I don't know if I necessarily agree with you. When you start teaching politics and world issues, the teacher might sway them into thinking one way instead of finding out information on their own. Although, they might take the same stand point as their parents it is better for them to see what is actually happening in the world. If this was going to become a thing then I would say that this should be a research project so that they can see both sides of the issue and then they can pick which side they want to be on. They should find this on their own so that they can make their own decision and not be swayed to believe one way or the other. A large portion of information does come from social media, but that is not the only reason that they receive the information. Politics and World Issues are a large topic, and they are discussed by many people. It is better to be well informed on a topic by hearing from both sides before making a decision on anything.

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The majority of people nowadays know nothing about political issues. Whether they were international issues or even local issues that relate to their demands and rights directly. Actually they may wake up when they exposure to Injustice. they may revolt and try to participate politically to get their rights but unfortunately because of absence of well political education they act negatively in a way which makes the position worse. I mean if a community were educated about Politics, it defiantly would contain more political parties and organizations which can serve and help people to solve the community problems successfully.  

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After I read the chapter I realized that making decision with some people is one of the hardest things. We can't assume that what we have seen is right and What we're saying is true. We should take the other person's opinion. Actually, the other person may thinking almost 50% or more totally different than what you think or believe. We come from different society and different families where the agreement are not taken easily even in the simplest things . We have to think rationally and exchange our experiences with others. Also, accept the other person's opinion even if it contrary to our opinion, to reach to the point of agreement between us.

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Yes! We can't assume that our way of thinking is the "right" way of thinking. We learn more about decision making through the shared experiences we have with other people. It's a collaborative thing. When we are able to use each other's opinions and ideas and judgements, we are given a wider perspective on everything around us. 

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I agree with your view on the way we learn about decision making. We learn through others' experiences because they may be involved in different decision than you

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Your rght, that is why we find evidence to back the facts, so that we can prove to others that what we say are legible.

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Totally agree with you, respecting others opinion I strongly encourage to do, because everyone has different thoughts and ideas. So we should speak rationally and understand other’s point of view. 

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After I read the chapter, I feel that people should be more involved in area that they are not quite interested. Most of my friend all have little interests in politics. I'm not interested in politics either. So all we talk about is sports, gaming and some other funny stuff. But I feel that sometimes you need to get involved in things that you are not interested. For example, I'm not interested in politics at all, but politics will have some kind of impact on you. So I will probably try to learn some politics from now.

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I strongly agree with you. Our generation in general interested in some sports or some kinds of games. We should get involved with lot of issues in our life. Especially the politics issues, we have to learn more about it. It's very important thing beside democracy. Also we have to increase our awareness in democracy to be more active in our community.

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I really enjoy reading this article. And I like the part that talks about judgement. I feel that the world could be better if there are less judgement. I hear people talk bad things about others. Some of them might be ridiculous, but some of them might be ture. I have to say that judgement is not good but we are not able to change it at all.