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The Ecology of Democracy, Chapter 6 - Your point of view - 2

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Involvment in politics and community is the only way to provide any influence in the ever changing climate, wether you are involved at a local level, helping to shape the future of your local community, or involved at a national issue level. In this section, the author places much emphasis on value. The value he refers to is personal, tangible, and important issues to one's self, not the inhering "good" peeople feel from moral values. I feel this idea really hits the nail on the head, when it comes to motivations of politics. Even the most recent issues that have risen in public debate, like gay marriage equality can be boiled down to a personal, tangible value, The value in this case is religion. While the moral values or what on believes is right or wrong bleeds over for most, the true issue at hand would seem to be people feeling that allowing gay marraige threatens, or brings into question, the true value of religion. I'm not saying religion is not valuable to most, but that by making a national decision which directly conlficts with the teaching of a major religion, the value of that religion is questioned by that decision, and therefore defended vigorously by those who hold that religion to be extremely valuable to them personally.

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yoy are right . I agree with you

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A large problem that I see our generation struggling with is using the faculty that we have. By that I mean we don't normally want to run our ideas by people that are going to be affected by the decisions that we make. We could think what we are doing is what is best for everyone, but come to find out it actually was the worst decision because more people are becoming hurt by it. Nobody knows what the right decision is in any situation until after the decision has been made and has been in affect for a little while. To make the perfect right decision everyone has to benefit, and in all cases there are going to be some losers. But running  your ideas by your peers and even others from other generations can help you make a decision that will benefit more than it will hurt. A way that you can do this is to have a meeting with your peers to find out what they think about a certain topic. It will really help you become more informed, and it could end up changing your position on a topic when you find out what others are thinking. They might know something that you might not, and you might find some new information that will finally push you over the fence to one side or the other. Becoming well educated about a specific part of the topic as well might be a good idea because there might be something wrong with a part that you thought was completely a great idea.

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I do agree with what your saying about running ideas past other people to become more informed about a specific topic and what not. But ultimately, it's down to our own judgement call. You could advise someone not to do something and they may end up doing the very thing you told them not to do. We all have the free will to choose for ourselves. The ball is in our court. 

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I agree with you u27, using others as another resource of imformation can be quite useful. In way we all use other each others knowledge such as scientist, mechanics, etc. Knowlegde is the key to success.

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I really like the statement in this chapter about our decisions and making judgement calls. When we make a decision based on what we think is right and people disagree, we have to rely solely on our own judgement. We can allow the collaborative influences and shared experiences of other people to sway us and create an ideal situation for good decisions. But ultimately, it's up to us. 

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Being politically informed and knowing the facts is completely different than proactively using sound judgement. Knowing the facts isn't sufficient enough. Exercising judgement is crucial to making the "right" decisions in life. The things that people value are at risk and need to be considered, which is why we need more than just the simple facts. Knowing the books is one thing, how to walk it out is something completely different. 

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Nowadays people don't care about political things. even if political things around the world on the public domain or local political things on their scale. Only cares about their life everyday. Feel what is happening only in the event of exposure to injustice or bad attitude .It begins to feel how some people life around them.

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I believe that a vote could turn the political scale if elections has been organized in accordance with the legal and constitutional conditions prescribed by law and the constitution. On the other hand, I think that the lack of electoral participation in some countries, reflects the lack of public confidence in the system, Because the community realizes that electoral participation will not change the fact, and will not achieve its requirements.

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I think people should be invovled in making decisions. No one wants to get involved, until something happens that they do not like. People get mad when someone wins President, but they did not vote. How can you get upset when you did not try to have a say? It is something you see all the time in the world. People should not get upset if they did not get involved. I think people should get involved because they will feel like they had a say. People should try to get involved. Watch the News, you will see what is going on, and maybe you could get involved. You could help. Most people do not even know what is going on outside of their house. They do not pay attention to anything. People should know what is going on. In my French class we were talking about how no one knows that there was just bombing that was an accident. I get that it could be sad or scary seeing what is going on, but wouldn't you want to know if something bad was coming your way? I think it would help if Americans were more educated on what is going on around them and around the world. 

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Absolutely true .. people become only express their opinion after the vote Is this person deserve or not, but does not seek to participate

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I think that everyone is on pretty much the same page here in this forum.  We all may have differing ways of approaching the issues but I think if other students read this article and had the same knowledge they could help make a difference whether big or small.  We need our youth to stay educated on the issues and to be passioante for them because if we let only a small minority rule the many for us, then who is to say one day we don't end up in a communist or dictatorship state of living.  We may be young but we are the ones who are facing the issues today and going to live through the ones to come and bring our children into.  We need to live for our futures and not just take each day as it comes because eventually we have to face the issues.  I'd rather look at myself and say " Wow I helped make a difference, rather than being upset with decisions that were put into action".  

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I believe that it is wrong for the government to keep every piece of information from the world , but I do think that some stuff can be omitted. People may not be a able to fully process the horrible and disturbing comments from dictators.

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The section we read brings up a point that people do not always agree. I do not think it matters if everyone agrees, we are all different and have different views on things. People shouldn't not get involved because they are afraid someone might disagree with them. You do not have to tell people how you feel about the topic. You can keep it to yourself. No one has to know who you voted for. You do not even have to tell your family. No one should be worrying that someone will be saying something about them because they have a different opinion. People make different decisions everyday. Like the chapter says about driving slow on a wet expressway. Some people make the choice to just drive like they normally do because they think it won't hurt them. Some people are safer. People think different. People should get involved. They can do research before making a choice in anything. When voting for president, there are all kinds of debates to watch, and they help make a choice. Everyone could get involved if they did research and stopped caring what everyone else decides. 

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There is a sentence in page 73 which is made think about. The sentence says when we making a decision about what is right and people disagree, we have to rely on our faculty for judgment. This is what I can totally agree with. When we make decision and tell the people about it we should trust our desicion. We make decision of many things lead us to make any desicion. We reasons to have spicific desicion and we should fight to it. But if someone wants to change the desicion that I will make, he or she has to have convincing reason and justify it to me. I'll choose a bitter desicion after the convincing reason and that will help the community too. 

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I think everyone should get evolved to be an active member in society. Participating in a positive way in your community that mean you are still alive!. Democracy can make our live is very organized and make our vote is valuable. I have read that quote and I believe in it which is " democracy is not just in polls but in the people's awareness " Jan Jack So. More responsibility on educated people to spreading awareness about democracy to get involved more effectively. Also the media is an important part and plays a big and significant role in democracy but unfortunately the media plays a negative role because it is often biased to a certain class without other. 


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So we understand that community is important, but I find that organizations on getting involved are either scarce or vastly spread out.  Most people don't know where to go or which organization would best benefit their community.  And usually in towns with a popluation that is spread out there doesn't seem to be anything offered at all to come together as a community.  So what are some ways people can be encouraged to come together as a community when their opintions are limited?

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I feel that even though we all have the right to vote, I feel against it if you are no properly educated on both parties enough to make a judgement

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After reading the article and then skimming students posts im seeing a lot of politcs and seeing how others are concerned with the well being of others. When it comes to other issues big issues people tend to shy away. BUT that should not be the case. everyones voice needs to be heard. One thing that bothers me the most is people who express their feelings around you but wont go to the voting booth and place their vote. You need able to feel comfortable on your views and express them no matter how crazy other people think your views are.

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I believe that in today's society, it is important for people to speak up, and stand for what they believe in. The only problem is, that I feel people are scared in a way to stand up, or if they see a problem they sit back. I guess it amazes me to see how a community would stand together back in the day, when they believed in something/something needed to change. And now, we just let the problem continue until something bad happens. I guess my question is, what happened? What happened to where we no longer stand up, and have a voice?

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After reading through what some people have said, they all have great thoughts about how people today should vote, and if they are passionate about something to speak up. But what I am not really hearing is what people  would do to encourage those people who think that their vote doesn't matter that it does? What would you do to try and convince someone that they should vote?

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Good question...Honestly I would try to get those around me to gather as much news as they could because nowadays many of us aren't. If many of them were to gather news from somewhere credible then they would probably care more (many people tend not to care because they don't have an idea of what's really going on). I find it hard to change others opinions on something but I would urge them to get out there because if they care how this country is ran then they would vote,

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I believe being in the know and being aware is very important. There are billions of people around the world whom are going through things that most people don't know about. It is important to stay on top of world news or just the world period. Being aware and willing to help shouldn't hurt a bit 

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I agree that there are a lot of people that are going through things everyday that others don't know about. Take for example, the Paris shooting. Many people changed their facebook proflie picture to the Paris filter or they posted that peace sign with the the Effiel Tower in it, I don't think they meant any harm by it but on that same day there were many other attacks in different countires. People only supported the Paris attacks because it was made a huge deal everywhere, where as the other countries shootings were not mentioned. It is sad to think about how people still don't know that on the same day there were more countries in danger. People need to expand out of the news and be aware of everything that is a problem and not just because the TV is showing one aspect that is happening in the world. 

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I believe being in the know and being aware is very important. There are billions of people around the world whom are going through things that most people don't know about. It is important to stay on top of world news or just the world period. Being aware and willing to help shouldn't hurt a bit 

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I think that voting is a big issue. I think that more people should go out and vote yet they are not. Most people of voting age now don't seem to care about the issues. I know many people who just don't undertstnad that the issues are. Witht hat being said if they don't know really what they are voiting for they simply chose not to. We need to find a way to get the younger generation and every one more involved so more people would vote and help better shape the world we live in.

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Agreed! I'm not of voting age yet and most of my friends aren't but that does not mean I don't care about what's going on. Most of my friends don't care for what's currently going on and it's two main reasons behind it: they feel that it doesn't concern them (because they're not voting age) and they don't receive much information on a current event so they eventually start not to care.I feel like if there was a more innovative way to get news out there to the younger crowd there would be a better outcome of how things are currently. 

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Voting is one of the biggest ways we can incite change within society, it is a huge power privilege given to us yet so many take it for granted or just do not care. This is the epitome of our socities downfall, the inability to stand for what is right. This was a great example to illustrate what the text said and mirror our own societies response to this privilege. 

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People need to do more research before telling everyone what they think. Untrue or false information is a big problem and leads to many issues.

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I agree with you that there are much of false information. The problem is most of the false information is coming from false reporting form the news. I heard that 60% of the news are lies.
False reporting + little gossiping = Big Problem for the society