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The Ecology of Democracy, Chapter 6 - Your point of view - 2

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Our classroom discussions have centered on a chapter you were assigned from The Ecology of Democracy.

This is a gentle reminder that your posts and responses are due by Monday, November 27th by midnight. Keep in mind, you are to write a well thought-out, meaningful reflection paper about your group project  and respond to two of your classmates papers, for a minimum total of three posts.

Remember, we are interested in your original thoughts and ideas! This assignment is designed to get you to think critically and engage in a civil discussion with your classmates about the democratic process of problem solving as it relates to you in the classroom and in the community.

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Yes, this is correct because the news is a medium that is opinion based. Many news channels for example, Fox News, will try to sway the facts in order get the audience to believe their opinion and in order to convince viewers that their position is correct. Mass media through the news is trying to persuade an audience basically. The news is misleading and cannot be trusted which is a huge problem in today's society because the news is supposed to be a trusted source. So how else do we get credible and accurate information?? Possibly through research and credible internet sources. Who knows? It can be sometimes difficult in telling what is credible and not credible. This is something that has to be resolved.

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<p>I agree that people find it much fun to pass on rumors for what they have heard. They donot even try to cross check the information they are spreading, they just think whatever they are saying is right (Because they have heard it) so they find no point of lying in that. Those rumors when spreaded becomes big news and that starts creating problems in society, which made the mission accomplished of those, who originated that rumor/false reporting.</p>

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More people should start getting involved more. It's a big problem right now and if people do actually care about current events going on right now they would take the proper steps into getting involved. In my opinion, I feel like people can't complain if things didn't turn out originally as planned (For example someone being elected that many don't favor). If you care about something not only would you get involved but you would also try to learn as much as you can about the situation and stay up to date on things. 

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As the text states our collective good as a WHOLE people is imperative upon the actions and beliefs set forth within our society. If people do not do their part and actively involve themselves within our political realm which ultimately dictates our future, then we are unable to progress and make positive change for our society. Often throughout the reading human and individual values were mentioned, collectively these values are what make up the foundation of our society, so long as they are being fought for. Those who silence their values and the values we hold for the common good silence the possible progression of humanity. This leaves us as humans and a collective society in a perpetual cycle of regression with only minimal progression from those who choose to stand against the silencing of values. We, as people, have the choice to have a voice, or we can remain unseen and unheard and make no progressive change for the world. If we have the blessing of having the option to have a voice, which many people are not so fortunate, why would we not take that opportunity to further our collective society. We as a people have a responsibility to create the best future possible, we can do this through involvement and progression with the values we hold dear. We have to understand that we are the change, that there is a connection and that we are necessary to make the world what it needs to most ideally be. 

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I think one of the biggest problems posed with involvement would be the inability for people to agree what is "best" for our society. Peoples' values differ so greatly that often the collective thought on any given matter is a jumbled mess of incomprehensible disagreement. 

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After reading this test, It's obvious that becoming involved is only half the battle. Being involved will lead people to act together, which can only be successful if everyone has the best interest in the society in mind and not the best interest of the individual. Succesful involvement requires gathering the fact needed to influence political change. The facts aren't always enough, as some issues are more of a moral dilemma then a fact based decision. A great example of this is the pro life / pro choice divide. Factually, it is in the best interest of society to give women the right to choose, but morally, some people are unwiling to surrender themselves the idea that someone would be willing or able to terminate a pregnancy. This is a decisison that requires thoughtful decisions in order to ensure society as a whole is best served by the desicions made.

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You are absolutely right. People let their personal opinion and feelings lead their decisions for others when it is not necessarily for the greater good. If people could just come together and put their personal feelings aside to come up with a solution, we could get so much more accomplished. 

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Volunteer work, I think, is an essential part in the development of any Nizomp work, whether in the community or political work as volunteer work platform suitable to learn many skills both in Husbandry and tender and of giving . In voluntary work department manages and time to allocate part of it to help others in any field can help it either in nursing homes or helping the poor and other. In terms of giving it is to provide some financial and moral support which can help it to others to bring them some pleasure .It is also a positive aspect in the community if large increases the interdependence of society and unite with each other, and it provides assistance and not always in a certain period or a certain time. And it has a positive aspect also in the political work if the person is interested in him and reached a high rank in the sense of the work he does with others and meet their needs

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Culture and spread the concept of reading to the community and has too big an impact on everyone, whether in the present or in the future, chances are these days, especially with the advent of modern technologies have become do not care about reading. Where that reading is an essential source of learning resources and we develop these skills and this aspect of childhood in children with them to grow even in old age reading increase awareness among readers and increase the cultural content they have, as they say that reading makes a person familiar with the cultures and civilizations of other countries and is Kalpwabh to enter into those peoples

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Well, i think people donot get time to have a look on what is going around. Everyone is so busy in their lives that they donot want anyone to interrupt in their lives when they come home for the purpose of doing rest. That is why they donot create new connections and personal relations so that they find time for their selves and their family. They donot want to make others involve in their family, may be because of privacy issues.

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I feel like people choose not to educate themselves what the issues at hand because they issues dont directly affect them. It's a shame that people think like this. People like to brush things underneath the rug, in reality they should educate themsleves and try top make a difference. Instead of taking action, people take a seat back and they let others do it. If enough people have that same mindset, then there isnt going to be anyone who is going to take action. Being involved is something that people all over the world need to work on. I feel like being educated and being involved will help any commuinty come together. 

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People these days do not care about what happening around them which is a big deal to be safe. I honestly love to keep up with news around me because knowing what's going on since it's very important when you make any decision, and if you are not aware of what's going on then you will regret every decision you made because of your ignorance. 

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i believe people started to hear more about what is going on around them. The news is spread everywhere in the social media. So, if you do not know about the news from one application, you will know for sure from other application. Moreover, you will hear about it when people started to talk about what is going on.

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The most important thing when you are looking about current news, you should read it from a reliable source. One of the biggest mistakes that people do it these day is that they believe any news from the social media! Which is wrong because some people make gossip in these social media such facebook, twitter, instagram, ect... After that other people will help them spread these gossip by their ignorance, so just be careful with the news' sources when you share them.

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I will have to agree with u44 that the news is not always a reliable source of info. I find that in many cases people will jump to conclusions which just cause even more conflicts and issues to arrise.  If people would take a step back and try to find the answers for themselves we might have a better place to live in.

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I completely agree, and there is a lots of reasons cause that, first there are so many things they care about this generation, play stations, xbox, phone games. They have different things to attract them.

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In some part of my life I isolated my self from the news and what is going in the world. it was a nice experience. But, I started to do not care about what around me. And I had that idea “I am good my family are great I don’t have to care about any one more”.Then I realized that is not the real life is.We are human we are social creature. Those people around me are my friends, my neighbors and they are fathers, mothers, sons and daughters. if I just turn my head from them where is my humanity?. And what if I am the one who is in problem.This experience made me (I am not sure what is the right word is) maybe, to understand people and how we are living and what is important for us in this life. And how we need each other to be successful and achieve what we want also, helping other to get what they want.

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I totally agree with you, we should care more about each other otherwise we will not survive. Even if you decide that you will not be aware of what is happening around you. You would still hear the news, and you would care about it because in the end we all connected together in sort of way and we cannot live alone. It's just what humanity is about.

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 I believe we all should know are surrounding, whether it is your neighbor or the whole world. People should be aware of to days situations. Their ao many problems going on today in different states and countries. We need to be well educated, so when things come our way we know how to handle them. The society we live in some is good and some are bad. When it is bad you dont want to know about it, you just want to live in your own world and not think about other people.

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I completely agree with you! I think that it is important for people to get involved in their local community because we all live our lives in it every day! I think that people take their surroundings for granted a lot, so giving back to it shows that you appreciate what you have. We have it pretty well off compared to other places around the world, so appreciating what you have and giving back to others is very important. 

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We must come together to make the world a better place. We have family thats growing up behind us. If we older humans dont make a differences, the world will never change. We have to start involving ourselves, and stop taking the back seat on everthing. We as people need to step up,educate ourselves more, and be more aware of our surrounding to make this world a better place. Watch the news more, read the newspaper more, and step up and out more.

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I agree with, but there are other countries that have no democracy. So, changing the world is not easy as you think. In these countries, people cannot make their own decisions and they are not allowed to raise their voices for what they believe it's wrong or against their interests. Maybe it sounds easy for U.S citizens, but not for other countries where people will go to jail if they express their opinion in public. 

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You make an excellent point, and I noticed some other posts on here saying we need to put ourselves in others shoes in order to move forward as a whole. Maybe if people step back and realize it's not as easy to raise their voices in other parts of the world as it is in America, then we can join together and get to a point where we, as a people, all over the world can change things and mold this world into a peaceful, sustainable place we can all be proud of. There's some much to be offered, but people are selfish at times and not motivated becasue there is a lack of education about their surrounding world.

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I think it's important to be well educated with the problems that litter society, and to be equally educated with the people nominated to run it. You must know what every canidate believes in and doesn't believe in. Not only should you care about the people who you agree with, but you should also educate yourself with those who you disagree with, and know why. If you're not educated about these things when an election comes or when an argument arises, you must accept whatever consequences occur when your candidate isn't elected.'s picture

I think you make a great point. I think a major problem we see nowadays is people tend not to use their own opinions and beliefs but rather the opinions of peers, parents, or even just the party they might be offiliated with. I think it is important that people begin to follow their own real opinions and educate themselves on the matter,

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It's rare to see someone actively researching and digging into a politicians views and standpoints. They often rely on other people's opinions and snippets of a speech to base their views on and to make their opinions. Technical knowledge about polictics is rare and even though people might consider themselves educated, they most likely are not. 

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I definitely agree with your point here! Many of us aren't really paying attention to what our politicians stand for and what they have to say. Many people get their knowledge of candidates from social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter, influenced by their peers or family members by what they have to say, or just base it off what political party they represent. In order to educate themselves, people must tune into presidential debates and follow up with the election in order to gain knowledge on what the candidates stand for and what they have to offer. People needs to actually dig in and research in order to become educated, but in today's society many people are lazy and they don't have the time to research anymore unless they are forced to for school. People's attentions spans have shortened and their levels of interests have declined when it comes to things such as politics. Yes, there are some that are interested in politics but on the whole most people aren't which is why this can be a big problem when becoming politically involved.

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I see your point, but I don't think it is always the case that people just "aren't interested" in politics. Don't get me wrong, I too believe that there are people out there that simply don't care, or don't want any part of it, but I also feel there are a lot of people (like myself) who simply don't have the time or resources readily available to be informed enough to get involved. I hate to say that sometimes I will only receive information about candidates from my parents and their opinions about issues. I don't always have the time of day or energy to seek out accurate and informative information, whether from Government websites or debates on TV. Working two jobs and full time school limits my outside-of-school time to look up anything truly helpful to me that isn't already biased by someone else. I would say that I am more interested in learning such information now than I was when I first started voting, but that if you really aren't interested, the best thing would be to not vote because then you are not making a "decision" with no backing.

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This is spot on! It's so frustrating and disheartening to see people speak out ignorantly on social media like Facebook based on a meme they may have seen... or just simply reposting something just because it's a picture with words on it. A great deal of our generation is so veiled and discracted and will cling to basic broad generalizations about political philosophy and candidates and that's not nearly enough to help this country progress. That'll only help place manipulative people into office that will continue to exploit citizens. 

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I totally agree. Real political knowledge is rare these days. But I believe this shouldn't still. People need to know about politics to decide their future and not let the politicians decide the future of the population based on their advantage.