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Group 4 - Abused Children


Kids are showing up to school with bruises and scars, so it is safe to assume these children are being abused and neglected at home. These children likely don't have many places to talk about this issue or to express themselves, so being an art organization, we want to give them a place and way to release some of their tensions and worries. The biggest issue to be addressed is that there is no real way to get these children to art therapy without their parents consent, since they are not legal adults. To solve this, we have decided to create an after school program that only needs a permission slip signed by the parents to be attended.


The process isn't going to be easy or quick, but the outcome is going to be worth it for everyone. Each session would be held once a week on Friday afternoons and the theme of the sessions will differ each month. To start this program we are being funded $2,500, half of our originally promised funds. However, we are hopeful that through fundraisers and donations from other organizations and generous sponsors, this should not affect us very much. We will be using social media, word of mouth, and flyers to try to reach kids to join, volunteers to help, and possible sponsors. We will have many fundraisers, any kind we can think of that can be easily executed. One of these ideas is a play or production put on by the children. The audience will be additional children and even high school students that would be willing to pay small fee to be able to get out of class which would also help bring in funds for the program. There will be a large play at the end of the year that will hopefully help bring in a mass of funds for the upcoming year, parents will be invited. Transportation of the children will be taken care of by the district school buses and any and all funds will go only into this program with volunteer high school students in need of hours for NHS or college, as well as teachers. Another idea would be to have an art auction of the kids work, so that they can showcase another form of art they've done and the proceeds would go back to the program so that we could keep it running.

Projected Outcome

The projected outcome first and foremost is to help the children find ways to deal with the adversities in their life through art. We want to eventually get them the legal help they need, and assist them in becoming healthy, strong, and smart individuals who will prosper despite the situation they currently find themselves in.