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Group 4 - Bruised Children

Many Children are coming to school with bruises, we are assuming that the abuse is mainly coming from their parents at home. So the main goal is that with being an art association, our goal is to find a solution for the children to get away from the abusive situations and hopefully in the process, have them open up to those they trust and allow us to be able to step in and help them in every way possible. One of the main issues that we may face is that trying to get permission from the parents to allow their children to attend the program. So therefore we thought that it'd be best to announce the program as an after school program.
The process is going to be a very long yet helpful process for those who are involved. Each session would be held once a week on a Friday afternoon and the topic of the sessions would change each month. To jump start this program we are given $2,500, half of our originally promised funds of $5,000. However through fundraisers and donations that are held, we should be able to keep the program going and funding should not affect us very much. Starting out, social media platforms and flyers would help spread the word for supporters, volunteers and donations. Fundraisers of any and all kinds would be acceptable and used to raise additional funds for the kids, as well as small plays worked on throughout the year by the children. The audience will be additional children and even high school students that would be willing to pay small fee to be able to get out of class which would also help bring in funds for the program. There will be a large play at the end of the year that will hopefully help bring in a mass of funds for the upcoming year, parents will be invited. Transportation of the children will be taken care of by the district school buses and any and all funds will go only into this program. Our volunteers would mainly consist of high school students in need of hours for NHS or students who need voluteer hours as well. as well as teachers.
Projected Outcome:
Our projected outcome of the project is to be able to help the students get away from their abusive homes and help them recover from all of the things that they have been through.