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Group 5- Homelessness

In our town of Flint homelessness is becoming a major problem and its seemingly growing everyday. Our town has few homeless shelters and the few we have are either full or filling up. My group was brought together to come up with an idea to help get them off the streets and on their feet. We received 5,000 from the governor/mayor/chief of Flint and we need to figure out how we are going to use it to create a bigger profit. Once we figure out how we can get an income we can begin to make new shelters, find ways to get the homeless to the shelters, and find ways to get them back on their feet and into their soon to be new lifes.

Program- Baking, Catering,
We plan on buying a kiosk at Great Lakes crossing so that we may begin to sell our baked goods. We also plan on using the kiosk to increase our popularity so we can get some catering jobs. Once we make enough from these two jobs qwe plan on buying another kiosk and maybe even opening our own store so that we may generate a higher income.

Process- Investing, and Growing
We understand that this is going to take lots of time so while we are getting started on making our income we will be donating and trying to assist the homeless. We will try to help by donating food, and a slight amount of the income are making. We will also be trying to get the word out so that we may try to help get them off the streets and maybe into a shelter that has space for them, and maybe their families.

Projected Outcome- Various Homeless Shelters, New
Job Training, and Opportunities
Our projected outcome is to have various new homes for the homeless to be made. We will be offering classes for those who wish to learn and try to get back on their feet. We will have some volunteers from our local university come over and teach a few classes. We also wish to provide some medical attention to those who need it and provide a better environment or them. We wish to reduce homelessness overall in our community and make it an all around better place in the future.