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Why a business should have it?

Doing business today requires email, whether the business works physically or on the internet. It is a way of keeping customers in touch, a secure way of receiving invoices from distributors, a good way of giving employees a memorandum or notification, sending customers & employees alike daily updates and the like.

This is the way a business communicates with a lot of people (employees especially) and they can then associate the business with its email address.

Let us consider a general example. Suppose a business of bookkeeping has been in the market for around a decade and the email customers and businesses alike reach it is

The email sounds amateur because of the first part. In honesty all parts of it are not professional. Half of it does the promotion for Gmail and it inadvertently advertises & promotes it. It is not a professional email domain by any essence. It also shares half of its branding with Gmail, which is not professional, again.

If the business has its own site, it should not hesitate in creating its own email domain. It will sound and feel professional and will look like that too. Suppose that bookkeeping business is A.B McDowell & Sons Pvt. Ltd. And the website is and the email address is thus

Using a professional email address will help your business succeed on multiple fronts, which are as under:

  • The business is serious enough that it has its own website and email.
  • The layman and clientele alike are more likely to remember the email address and domain name, especially if its professional.
  • Using a professional email service prevents your business for advertising for another company.

Another legitimate benefit in having a professional email address with your own domain name is the creation of any email address the business i.e. you, desire. Not only will the email get a better name in comparison to an email address created on live, Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail but also, you can come with other ways of creating a brand.

Creating a professional email for your business is easy – here is how it is done

Whenever you as an aspiring business owner or an existing one feel the need to have a professional email for your business, here are some steps you should follow:

  1. Purchasing a custom domain name

Whether you purchase your domain name from MailChimp, GoDaddy or another domain provider, you will need to have one of your own domain names. It will go along well with a professional email address you will create.

  1. Setting up the email amount

If you intend to use Go Daddy webmail for your professional email address needs, it can be done for a nominal monthly charge. In case you intend to use a tool like Google’s G Suite, you will then be provided with a quick and fast wizard to create your new email account.

  1. Completion of the business’s profile

As a business owner, you should make sure that you complete the business’s entire profile. Such include the business’s name, domain name and the logo. This will help the email recipients identify your business with ease.

  1. Creating a professional email signature

The email’s signature is an obvious mainstay in the account. Following best email signature practices will ensure that your signature helps your business take the best digital step ahead.

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Created: Mar 02 2020


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