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What is The Commons for?
The Kettering Foundation uses The Commons to stay connected with the network of people working on issues that involve problems of democracy. Social media makes it much easier for us all to remain informed about and engaged with each other’s work, and we hope this space will be used to forge many fruitful connections.

Is The Commons private?
Parts of it are. All content shared within Private Groups on The Commons is private and can be viewed ONLY by other Group members. Content shared in Public Groups can be viewed by anyone.

Do I have to create a Profile to participate in the Commons?
Yes. To join Public Groups and create or comment on Forum Threads, you will need to register an account and log in. All comments are subject to moderation, and those containing personal attacks, profanity, commercial promotions, or other language deemed inappropriate by site administrators will be deleted.

How do I find a Group?
To find a specific Group, browse the Groups page, or search for a title containing specific words or phrases. You can filter the page to view only Public Groups which you can freely join. You can also use the Search page to find Forum Threads that may be of interest to you. Note that the search will only show you content from Public Groups and from Private Groups you are currently a member of.

What kind of media formats can I share on this site?
In Forum Threads, you can post links and embed videos or podcasts. In the Create Content area of a Group you are a member of, you can add documents, image galleries, and web links to external sites and resources. Please do make sure that if you upload any original content, you have the right to do so and that proper attributions are made.  Additionally, when uploading media to the site, it is important to try to limit the filesize to 2MegaBytes or less when possible, so that other users will be able to load your picture in a timely manner.

What’s your commenting policy?
We actively encourage comments. We hope The Commons becomes a hotbed of insightful discussions about trends affecting democracy. Of course, we do reserve the right to moderate all comments, particularly for spamming and/or inappropriate language. Inappropriate language includes personal attacks, profanity, commercial promotions and/or any other language deemed inappropriate by site administrators.

How can I change my name, password, picture or other settings?
Make sure you are logged in, then visit the Account page from the main menu. Click the Edit tab to enter additional information, or to change or remove existing information. If you wish to change your email address or password, you will have to re-enter your current password. Be sure to scroll to the end of the page and click Save to make your changes.

I’m having technical difficulty. Who should I contact?
In the event that you encounter any technical difficulties while using the Commons, please contact our webmaster for assistance troubleshooting the issue.