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Hosting a reflective book discussion using The Ecology of Democracy

Have you hosted a book discussion or community conversation using The Ecology of Democracy? Please share your insights with others. If you would like to host a discussion but have questions, post them here. We want to encourage librarians and other community leaders to use this space to share what they are learning. 

Under "resources" you can watch a video of David Mathews talking about five simple questions that can help people gain more control over their shared future. You will also find a document with sample questions that might be useful in leading a community conversation. 


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In order for the community to learn about why they are not progresive and not seeing any change in the community, stems from non involvement in the communities problems, if we want any change you have to change your views and look at your community as a part of the, problem, solution. Involvement is very important in order to know what the problems are and what are the solution that you feel will benefit all in you comunity, The Ecology of Democracy is a very important book to let you see the problems that all concern with changes to better the life of members of your particular community. I will use the book to learn and teach.